Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Upgrading To Fiber Internet

Wednesday: (09/11) Up at 0715 to have my breakfast and get ready for the fiber installer. The window to get our Internet upgraded to fiber is today from 0800-1600. It would be nicer if they were able to limit the window or at least provide updates on expected arrival. Of course, the locksmith called to say the new key FOB’s are in and they can only do the programming on Tuesday or Wednesday when there are two people working at the shop. I thought I’d have to wait until next week then Lou volunteered to take the Jeep down to have it done. While I waited for the ATT tech to arrive, I searched for information on the RV’s leveling jacks. Nothing in the information pack in the RV. I eventually found the appropriate information and tried to get the jacks to work. I did learn how to retract them manually or by jumper but haven't done it yet. To top that outage, the bedroom slide isn’t working. It has worked before without the jacks down but the jack error alarm may be inhibiting it now. The ATT tech, Francisco, arrived about 1430 and finished the install by 1630. The fiber required a relocation of our modem to the living room and likely the phone base unit. Also need to get a line to the fax. I updated the password and also setup the repeaters to work with the new unit rather than the old DSL. The down speed isn’t too much more that the DSL but the up speed is 10 times faster. Since a lot of the problems we’ve been having were likely a bad cable to the study where the old modem was, the system should be more reliable now. Lou brought me a nice Impossible burger from the Counter burger joint for lunch. She and Dawn had lunch there with Cecelia after their errands. For dinner Lou made fish, garlic potatoes and carrot salad.
Fiber cable pretty well hidden behind the vinyl siding channel.

The error code for the RV jack system

Thursday: (09/12) Lou made potato pancakes with sausage for breakfast. I got busy trying to raise the RV jacks. I eventually got them all up using my electric drill and a socket wrench. I lot a crawling under the RV. I finished getting them all up by about 1200. After a lot of scrubbing to get the grease off my hands and a shower, Lou and I headed off to an appointment with stop for lunch on the way. Sweet Tomatoes Buffet provided a good lunch. We had a Cardio Class at Kaiser where we basically learned how to eat and exercise to help my heart. While getting the jacks down, I trapped a 5 gallon bucket under the side of the RV. I sure wasn’t going to raise the RV again so I cut the bucket into pieces to get it out. Dawn made a nice Mediterranean eggplant and chicken dinner (Moussaka).

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