Thursday, October 3, 2019

Fixing Things At Home

Thursday: (10/03) Granola and diced apple for breakfast. I worked on the sprinklers to start. I completed the replumbing of the greenhouse sprinkler. I stole the feed that was used so i connected the ceiling sprinklers to use the new timer located in the greenhouse. I also installed the new Bhyve sprinkler timer in the garage to replace the old timer. The Bhyve timers are Internet connected. Unfortunately i could complete the setup. I also replaced a couple of emitters. After lunch I finally got to work on the shed roof. I completed installing the rest of the screws holding the plywood on and installed and cut some flashing. Leftover chicken with rice for lunch. Lou made chicken with artichoke over rice for dinner.

Friday: (10/04) Dry granola for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off grocery shopping early. We were out of milk so a dry breakfast. I started by washing the roofing panels for Ernie’s shed. They cleaned up nice. Getting the tar paper down was a task due to the breeze. I managed to almost finish the roof but ran out of screws. I need another dozen to finish the last panel and the trim. Chili size for lunch. Dawn made an interesting salmon dinner in the pressure cooker. After dinner, Lou and I went to Lowe’s to get my screws.

Saturday: (10/05) I worked on Ernie’s shed electrical after finishing the roof trim. Granola for breakfast. A chicken hummus sandwich for lunch. Sweet Tomatoes Buffet for dinner.

Sunday: (10/06) Granola and diced apple for breakfast. I finished up Ernie’s shed today. I finished the electrical and energized it. And I raised the garden side and placed caulk on the bottom. All the other sides will have the siding go below the shed floor for waterproofing. Unfortunately the side that most needs that, the garden side cannot. So i added the caulk and will need to grind the concrete edge later to allow it to drain away from the shed. Lou made red peppers chicken soup with toast for lunch. Dawn made a fish stew for dinner.

Monday: (10/07) Lou and I were off to an appointment in the morning. After the appointment, we went to lunch at the Country Inn in Cupertino. Then Lou stopped by to look at new shoes and we did some other window shopping on the way home. At home, I relaxed the rest of the day. Lou and Dawn went to IKEA for a walk and dinner. I had leftover stew and a sausage for my dinner.

Tuesday: (10/08) Granola for breakfast. Leftover artichoke chicken and refried beans for lunch. Moin Moin for dinner. I have no idea what it is but Dawn made it. Interesting. I spent the morning doing tank duty on the RV. We are now ready for the next earthquake. Also ready for the coming PGE shutdowns due to high winds. Most of the day was spent researching how to fix the microwave in the RV. I ended up with a wiring diagram and determined if it wasn’t the door switch, it wasn’t worth fixing. It wasn’t the switch. I then searched for a replacement. I found one on Amazon. I found a better price at Best Buy and they had one in stock in Milpitas. After dinner, I made a return run to Lowe’s then went to Milpitas to pick up the microwave. May get it installed tomorrow.

Wednesday: (10/09) Up early for a shower before heading off with ernie to his appointment at VA. I waited around there and then after hs procedure we went to breakfast. We both had chicken fried steaks at A Good Morning Restaurant. I have to count two of my three healthy heart forgivenesses. At home I relaxed and napped for a while. Later in the afternoon I finished Ernie's shed electrical by installing his outside light. I had ordered the fisture and a couple of motion detecting dusk to dawn lamps. After installation Ernie had to wait until it got dark to see his new light work. I then worked on the RV microwave replacement. It wasn’t too hard to get the old microwave out. I just had to unscrew two 2” long bolts in blind spots with only1/5 inches of clearance. It took a while. I then compared the new unit to the old. It looks like I can use the old mounting plate. Tomorrow I’m going to get a couple of new bolts and fender washers to simplify reinstallation. Lunch and dinner were leftovers.

Thursday: (10/10) Granola for breakfast. I made a shopping run to several hardware stores and a bolt supply house looking for ¼”-28 hex bolts to replace the Phillips screw bolts that mount the microwave. Being able to use a ratchet would make installation much easier. No luck finding them. Lunch at Dim Sum King. Bak home, I tried to mount the microwave. It fit in place perfectly except for a new problem. The door on this microwave does not have a zero clearance door swing and needs an extra ¾” in width when the door swings open. Unfortunately, the left side is against the wall so it wont work. I packaged it all up and we all drove to Milpitas Bestbuy to return it. While there we bought another. This time it’s a Samsung instead of the LG. Dinner at Togo Sandwich shop. The new one seems to have little clearance needed. We continued to explore the nearby shops before heading home.

Friday: (10/11) Granola and banana for breakfast. I headed off for a hike at Calero County Park, Rancho San Vicente. 22 of us hiked 8.5 miles among the cows and tarantulas. Beautiful day and views. Thanks to our hike leader Tara. I’ve never hiked at this park before. Lunch at Super Taqueria in Morgan Hill. I headed don=wn to Gilroy since eI was more that halfway there. I stopped at Lowes and they had some drip edge metal that I hadn’t been able to find on my shopping run yesterday. I also visited SeeGrins RV to look at RV’s and at Camping World to look around. Back home I was just settling in for a rest after my shower when my new electric bike arrived on the porch. I had to get dressed to unpack and test ride my new toy. I had some refried beans with salsa and a sausage for dinner.

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