Monday, October 14, 2019

The Big Backup

Monday: (10/14) Lou and I did the grocery shopping early. Back home it was time for breakfast. I had leftover pancakes and some chicken maple sausages from Trader Joe’s. I thought i might relax a little and watch the View but then was informed that the toilet was backed up and the tub full. I also had to drive Dawn to a book sale. I spent the rest of the day trying to get the drain cleaned. When we replumbed the bathrooms I installed cleanouts. They were covered up when we had the siding installed. I located one of them and exposed it . I’ll have to repair the siding later. My efforts to clear the drain were not fruitful. The clog appeared to be beyond the bathrooms and before the kitchen since the kitchen was not backed up. Even the drain bladder didn’t clear it. I gave up and called the professionals, Rotorooter. They were there within the hour and had it cleared in about 30 minutes. Thir big router did the trick. I’ll have to get one. I spent a lot more time putting tools and such away after cleaning them. That was it for me for the day. Tomato soup for lunch. Chopped salads from The Corner Bakery cafe for dinner.

Tuesday: (10/15) A banana for breakfast and I was off for the train to San Francisco. I arrived at about 0900 and caught a bus to ChinaTown. I got brunch at the AA bakery a chicken mushroom bun and a chicken pie. Too much. I walked out Columbus and to Fisherman's Wharf. I visited the Musée Mécanique, a penny arcade museum. I like to play the player pianos and other music makers. I walked out through Fort Mason to the marina district then over to Chestnut Street. I caught bus 22 on Fillmore Street that took me to the Mission District then on bus 27 to 24th Street. I stopped by the La Torta Gorda for a pepper torta. I then caught bus 48 over to the 22nd Street Caltrain Station. Unfortunately, not all trains stop there during rush hour. Three trains passed by before my train came. And even more unfortunately, that train doesn't stop at my destination the California Avenue ttion. I got off at Hillsdale Mall and looked around. They are remodeling and there new food court is open. I returned about an hour later to catch the first train ta=hat stops at my destination. I was home by 1900. A fresh peach with cottage cheese for dinner.

Wednesday: (10/16) I raised the garden sprinkler controller. It was down one foot off the ground I raised it to four feet high to make it easier to read the screen when programming and operating. I also loaded the compost bin with some limbs and leaves. Lou made turkey bacon with eggs and home fried potatoes for breakfast. Granola and banana for breakfast. Granola and a banana for dinner.

Thursday: (10/17) Lou and Dawn were off to the dentist. I rode my new electric bike over to Stanford University for a test of the all electric mode. No peddling today. It worked great. I stopped at the Coupa Cafe for a crepe for breakfast. When I left it was near 1130. I have never been in a bicycle traffic jam before. For this amateur rider it was a challenge. Back home I did a few tasks. I reworked the drip system for the garden. Now Dawns winter garden should water itself. I also filled the recycle bin and rubbish bin. They were just picked up today and are already full. And we still have more. Lots of cardboard to get rid of after Ernie’s house cleaning, my new bike and the RV’s new microwave. Lou made chicken burgers for lunch. I made enchilada casserole for dinner.

Friday: (10/18) I repaired the siding I destroyed working to expose the drain cleanout. I also did some other tool cleanup from that project. I measured the alternate battery space where the AGM batteries are in the RV. I want to replace them with a couple of more Battleborn lithium batteries. Unfortunately, I can’t fit two more GC2 sized batteries so I sent a message to Battleborn to confirm I can use the type 27 in parallel. They called back and confirmed I could. I then went shopping to resupply my granola, bread, banana chips and dates. I also stopped by Walmart to get some new genes. Enchiladas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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