Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Time

Tuesday: (12/24) I drove Lou to Kaiser for PT. While she was busy, i wen grocery shopping. I visited the Walmart Neighborhood Market nearby. They are better stocked than our local Walmart. Mostly canned goods. After I picked up Lou she needed us to return the Walmart for a few more things. Then we were off to Lunch. I returned her home then went to Safeway to pickup our Christmas dinner. When i checked in they informed me they didn’t have the order nor any more of their ham dinners. In fact, they said the online orders are alway goofed up. Good to know, but? The deli manager fixed me up with lots of stuff from the deli and market that more than equilled what we had ordered. In fact, it’s now too much. I ended up with two big hams, all the fixings for a turkey dinner (Mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce) and the items from the market for what we would have gotten for a ham dinner (Scalloped potatoes, Mashed sweet potatoes and a huge fruit, nut and cheese plate). We’ll get by. After fitting all that into the RV refrigerator I was worn out and need a nap. Leftover Pepper and rice casserole and chicken for breakfast. For lunch we went to Applebee’s Grill. Chili Beans for dinner. I prepared a plan for preparing Christmas dinner since it’s on me this year. Not difficult to just warm things but it does require a schedule.

Wednesday: (12/25) I made grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast. At noon I started preparing dinner. Meanwhile, we enjoyed a fruit, nut and cheese platter and Ernie's deviled eggs and beef log. Cecelia and Courtney joined Ernie, Dawn, Lou and I for dinner. Ernie prepared the pies for dessert. This was my first holiday meal prep.

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