Friday, December 27, 2019

Almost Next Year

Friday: (12/27) Much of the morning was spent supervising the city crew installing a gas line for the new house down the street. I also made and installed the flag bracket on Lou’s wheelchair that we carry in the Jeep. I also finished the laundry. Pumpkin pie for breakfast. For lunch, we went to IKEA for a walk and lunch. A ham sandwich for dinner. I restarted working on the backlog of photos for the blog.

Saturday: (12/28) I worked in the yard for most of the day. I sawed up and burnt a pile of junk wood and some papers in our fire pit. I also chopped down the non producing avocado tree then chopped it up and put it in the compost bin. Granola and banana for breakfast. Snacked for lunch. We all went to Chili’s for dinner.


Sunday: (12/29) Granola and diced apple for breakfast. Lou and I went grocery shopping this morning. Walmart, trader Joe’s, Sprout’s and finally Whole Foods. At home, I relaxed in my man cave (RV). Snacked for lunch. For dinner, I made navy bean soup and prepared the scalloped potatoes and sweet potatoes. Lots of leftovers. It started to rain in the afternoon.

Monday: (12/30) It was a rainy day. I researched equipment and planned some mods to my solar and battery wiring. I ordered a new DC-DC charger that also has a solar MPPT controller. It will allow the RV alternator to charge the house batteries as well as the starter battery as well as charge the house batteries and trickle charge the start battery with solar. It won’t let the house drain the starting battery as well. Granola and banana for breakfast. A nice ham sandwich for lunch. Leftover bean soup for dinner.

Tuesday: (12/31) Lou had a couple of appointments in the morning. We dropped Dawn off at the bookstore. After lunch we stopped at the Walmart Neighborhood Market for some things. They have a better supply of canned goods and Lou needs some small cans of vegetables. At home I prepared a hike for the San Jose Midweek hikers group and announced it. It’s the first hike I’ve led other than my Pinnacles Hikes a couple of months ago. I scheduled one of my old hikes at Los Trancos OSP. I only expected a couple of people to join me but so far have 15. Waffles and sausage for breakfast. Lunch at the Country Inn on Saratoga Ave in San Jose. Leftover navy bean soup for dinner. We toasted in the new year at New York time because we are short hitters and will be asleep at midnight. We toasted with some homemade apple pear cider that my friend Alex gave us.

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