Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Another Pair Of battleborn Batteries

Wednesday: (12/11) I was off shopping in the morning. I stopped for a breakfast burrito at A Good Morning restaurant. I visited Walmart, Safeway and Sprouts to get all my shopping needs. At home I had to inspect the crew doing the asphalt repair on the driveway apron. A little chopped veggie salad for lunch. My new RV BattleBorn Lithium batteries arrived. It's my second pair to replace the two remaining AGM batteries. I installed the new batteries with no sparks. I also corrected a wiring error I made that displayed negative current when charging via the solar system. That was because I placed the negative of the solar charger on the battery negative not below the shunt. It worked correctly for one set of batteries but not the other pair. However, I still have to add a second battery monitor if I want seperate systems. So more to do.


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