Friday, May 29, 2020

Skyline OSP Two Lakes Walk

Friday: (05/29) Lou and I were off early to do our grocery shopping at the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Sunnyvale. About 1100 I was off for a hike. I attempted to hike in Purisima Creek OSP near half Moon Bay but there wasn’t any parking at the trailhead. So I returned toward home and stopped Russian Ridge OSP then hiked into Skyline OSP past the two lakes on the Ipawa Trail and the Sunny Jim Trail looping back to my start. Nice day but rather windy. Lou said that just before I got home they had had a rain squall lasting about 30 seconds. Granola for breakfast. Chicken breast for brunch. A BBQ tri-tip sandwich from the market in Half Moon Bay for lunch. Tomato salad with spaghetti for dinner.

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