Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Saratoga To Skyline Hike

 Wednesday: (11/25) Lou made a mushroom omelet for breakfast. I headed off to Saratoga to Quarry park for a hike. They recently opened a new trail that goes from the park in Saratoga up to Skyline Road. My hike wasn’t all to way up. I stopped at Sanborn Road about 5.2 miles up. I’ve already hiked the trails in Sanborn Park to go the rest of the way up and since it is an out and back hike turning around here made a nice 103 mile hike and I wouldn’t be out after dark. Nice views and trail. A nice ham and cheese sandwich with orange juice before I returned. Leftover stew and toast for dinner. 

An old Indian grinding stone (left). Some old quarry equipment parts (right).
Selfie photo on road mirror (left). Grand view from trail (right).
Nice trail (left). A rock bench by the trail (right).

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