Monday, April 12, 2021

Ohlone Wilderness Hike

Monday: (04/12) Granola for breakfast. We were off early to pickup my fellow hiker Art in Sunnyvale. We then headed off to Lake Del Valle where Lou and Dawn dropped Art and I off to start our hike of the Ohlone Wilderness Trail to Rose peak and Mission Peak ending in Fremont. I had tuna and cheese tortilla wraps for lunch. We took a side trip by Murietta Falls even though it was dry. I was much slower than I expected so we didn’t make it to our reserved campsite at Doe Horse Camp. We stopped near Stewarts Camp for the night. I tried a hikers prepared meal with some enchiladas I got at REI. OK.

Tuesday: (04/13) I prepared a breakfast skillet dish for breakfast. Pretty good. We continued up the mountain through some burned areas to Mt Rose. We continued on toward Sunol Park. We stopped at Doe camp for water. I had tuna and cheese tortilla wraps for lunch again. We continued on stopping for the night at Eagles Aerie Camp in Sunol Regional Park. Not where our reservation was for but nice. Quite windy though. I had another package dinner, Beef Stroganoff. It was quite food.

Wednesday: (04/14) Granola and bacon jerky for breakfast. We headed off toward Mission Peak. We had lunch on the way up. We stopped at where we were supposed to be camped last night at Eagle Springs. Our camp last night was better. I had tuna and crackers with bacon jerky for lunch. We then hiked down from Mission Peak after taking photos. We exited at Stanford Avenue in Fremont and Art’s daughter picked us up and drove me home. Nice hike. My cell phone died yesterday so not too many photos. I had some of Dawn’s split pea soup for dinner. It was nice to have a nice shower.

Thursday: (04/15) First job was to setup Ernie’s ramp and porch for use. It’s been drying while I was away. Lou and I went to the Country Inn in Cupertino for breakfast. We stopped at REI for a new flag for Lou’s scooter. Then visited a couple of thrift stores on the way home. Back home I emptied my pack and hung the tent, sleeping pad, ground cloth and sleeping bag out to dry. I cleaned up some other items. I ordered a dumpster for our dirt pile disposal. It arrives tomorrow. I started getting rid of the weeds on one of the areas to be dug out. My dirt must be clean or the disposal costs twice as much. Then I screwed down the plywood on Ernie’s ramp and porch. It is now complete except for an anti tip brace and his porch roof. I received Art’s photos from the hike and uploaded them to Google photos. Not sure when I’ll get the photos from my camera before it died. I had some ramen with spam for lunch. Lou made roast chicken with coconut rice and a carrot raisin salad for dinner. .

Friday: (04/16) Dawn made oatmeal for breakfast. I relaxed inside looking for a new phone online. I also showed Art’s photos from our hike to Lou and Dawn. We went outside later and tinkered. Lou and I did some trimming of trees and the geraniums in the front yard. I was hanging around for the delivery of the dumpster for the dirt. They arrived about 1100. Lou and Dawn were off to the thrift stores. I headed off to look for my phone. Between the T-Mobile store and Best Buy and then confirming online prices and specs, i settled on a Samsung Galaxy A52 5G. It cost a bit more than I’d like but it has good specs, good battery capacity and is waterproof to 3 feet. Unfortunately, the stores don’t have protective cases for it so it’s coming from Amazon tomorrow. I spent the afternoon and evening setting it up and learning how to use it. I got lunch while out at Lucky Chinese Bistro. It was also dinner.

Saturday: (04/17) I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. We enjoyed breakfast in the backyard before I got to work. I stripped off the sod in the new garden area. The dirt in my dumpster must be clean, no sod or concrete. Lou took some starts for the good lawn grass that used to be in the front yard and planted them in the bare spots under the oak tree. I worked a while knocking as much dirt for the leftover sod and disposed of the plant material in the compost bin. Too much weight to get it all this week, so I have another pile to do next week. The dirt I get from the sod will be good to backfill the outside of the new garden edge strip after I do the concrete. Then I started digging out the dirt and loading it into the dumpster. Lou made hot chicken sandwiches for lunch and chicken pot pie for dinner. I received the protective case for my new phone today and installed it.

Sunday: (04/18) Leftover corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. After watching the usual Sunday morning TV, I headed outside to work. I finished a 4 foot wide swath of the new garden area, now about half done with the garden dugout. For lunch, I got a super veggie burrito for El Grullense taqueria down the street. We had tomato soup with toast for dinner.

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