Saturday, April 24, 2021

Thinking About An Adventure Vehicle

Saturday: (04/24) Breakfast at the Crepevine Restaurant in downtown Palo Alto. We drove up to San Carlos to Lyngsol Garden Supply but they were closed. The sign on the door didn’t match their website. Of course we stopped at a couple of thrift stores on the way home. Nap time at home. I did measure my little car and there is no way to make a solo camper out of it without removing the right front seat. Better to get a vehicle with room and ground clearance instead. Chili size for my dinner. Lou and Dawn had dinner in Redwood City at a German Restaurant.

Sunday: (04/25) Granola and banana for breakfast. I tinkered in the yard today. We had threats of rain all day. I charged the batteries in three of the outside cameras. Most are supposed to charge by solar, but two aren’t. I put things away here and there and blew the leaves from the walkways. I also removed the bricks from the area just inside the front gate where I needed to dig out and install the baserock for permanent patio. A nice Impossible burger for lunch. I made sauerkraut with potatoes, onion, apple, and pork chops for dinner.

Monday: (04/26) My birthday. Granola and banana for breakfast. I got up and dressed early so I would be ready if the dumpster truck arrived early. The dumpster was picked up about 1030 and returned empty about 1230. After lunch, I headed off to Lyngsol Garden supply and bought my geotextile fabric. I also stopped by ACE hardware and bought some big nails and washers to use to stake the fabric in place and staple the seams. It is only 6 feet wide so I intend to fold and nail the seams. Later, I checked the RV windshield. Lou noticed a chip/crack. I hadn’t seen it yet So I looked and it was across the top of the passenger windshield about 18inches long. I ordered a crack repair kit so I can glue it and stop it’s progression. I also received some USB cables and a charger and installed them on the two cameras that aren’t charging via the solar panels. And I trimmed the other half of the front flower bed geraniums. Super nachos with carnitas for lunch from El Grullense Taqueria. Lou and Dawn went off grocery shopping and Dawn visited the dentist. Leftover dinner from last night with more potatoes and some sausage added.

Tuesday: (04/27) Granola and banana for breakfast. I worked on filling my new dumpster. I finished the first layer of the front patio. I’ll do a final shaving to get to the final depth of 11”. I then started moving the front yard dirt pile into the dumpster. I moved about 1/3rd of it. I picked up lunch from the lucky Chinese Bistro. Lou and Dawn were off to San Jose to pick up something, visit Cecelia and some thrifting. Lou made buttered noodles with mizithra cheese and sausage for dinner.

Wednesday: (04/28) I made ham, egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. A relaxing morning before I attended my usual Wednesday webinar. I had my leftover Chinese food for lunch then finally got outside to do some work. I made some good progress on moving the dirt pile into the dumpster. It’s about ¾ moved. Lou made chicken and rice with pineapple for dinner.

Thursday: (04/29) Lou made an omelet in the InstaPot while we took a walk down the street to check on the project activity. They are evidently three weeks behind schedule and will be working Saturday to finish the basement waterproof liner so they can start installing rebar Monday. The street is busy too with the electric crew installing conduit to underground the electrical and remove the two poles near the new building. Then I worked in the morning and finished removing the front yard pile into the dumpster. After lunch, I attended a webinar on the use of the inReach satellite communicator. After a nap, I got back to work and skimmed the front yard patio hole down to a consistent and proper depth. Lunch and dinner were Lou’s tomato, ham, onion, pepper and cheese salad.

Friday: (04/30) I got my breakfast from Happy Donut, my usual sausage, egg and cheese English muffin with a couple of donuts. I tinkered today. I moved the swing out of the way of the news garden spot. I had been intending to work around it in place. I also set level marker stakes on all four corners of the newest garden. I then went to the city compost pile and loaded my buckets with compost. Residents are allowed up to 96 gallons of compost per week when available. I had 10 each 5 gallon buckets so I can do two trips a week. That’s about ½ cubic yard a week. Later, Lou and I headed off for lunch at Aqui’s Restaurant, some beef enchiladas with mashed sweet potatoes and coleslaw. We then found a Harbor Freight with my new cement mixer. We had to drive down to East San Jose to find it. My old mixer reached the end of it’s life with the last batches. Hopefully, this next concrete for the newest garden, the old garden patio and the front patio will be the last concrete work I do. The new mixer will be good for garden mixing as well. I’ll be using it to mix the weak soil I’ve kept with the free compost from the city. BBQ ribs with rice and corn on the cob for dinner.

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