Friday, May 21, 2021

Foothills Preserve Hike

Friday: (05/21) I picked up breakfast at Happy Donut. I drove up to Foothills park and met my fellow hikers there. 18 of us hike up Steep Hollow to the Los Trancos trail and completed the loop back to our cars. I decided to go up to Dave’s ranch this evening. I picked up some food and drove over Mt Hamilton to the ranch. I had half a burrito for dinner. Enjoyed a nice evening campfire with the motorcycle club friends. While I was prepared with my backpacking tent, I just slept on the couch in the ranch house. The SCU fire did burn most of the East side of the ranch but the ranch house and homesteaders cabin areas were spared. The fire burnt the underbrush up to the South side of the lake. It will be a while before it is back like it was but is still a nice area.

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