Monday, May 16, 2005

Bakersfield Again

We finally arrived in Bakersfield Saturday morning. Uncle Emery and Aunt Mary were at Uncle Doug and Aunt Helen's place. Nice visit.

Helen, Mary, Lou, and Dawn
A big mystery. An Okra seed thief must have visited because when Uncle Doug was ready to plant his seeds, obtained at great expense, they were gone.
Monday the tenants left in the morning. Lou, Dawn, and Mr Milo returned North to work, school, and napping, respectively. There's a bit of work to be done here now so Don remains. Painting and other repairs needed to ready for rental again. The weather today was much cooler and a lot of rain and wind in the morning. Nice in the afternoon.
When Don was out Shopping, he looked everywhere for Okra seeds. Have you ever tried to find them. They're usually only seen when not wanted, which, up until now, was all the time. Any way, they were finally found at Wal-Marts, not in the seed rack in the garden department but outside past the registers, on the back side of a display case that was against the fence. After reading the name of the seed packets on 6 displays of seeds, about 600 compartments of seeds, Okra was finally found on the 4th to the last possible place they could be.
Isn't Frozen Okra available at Wal-Mart?
Uncle Doug likes Okra and has a nice garden started, which now WILL include Okra.

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