Wednesday, May 4, 2005

One Down

The RV dash air conditioner is fixed. About $1300 worth, all but $100 paid by the extended warranty. I also had some other work done. The RV has over 42K miles and I didn't want to have to look around for a service location and have to wait for a service date while we're on the road this summer. Usually, the only service on the road is oil changes and those can be done anywhere. The repairs were done at Superior Automotive & Radiator Services in Morgan Hill, Ca. They appear to know what their doing and take the time to explain what they're doing. I think they will be my regular service location.
Now, to save a bunch of gas. I'm waiting in San Martin (next door to Morgan Hill) for a Thursday appointment at Camping world to get the refrigerator fixed. I hope I don't get carried away at their store.

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