Monday, May 30, 2005

Yosemite, Hight Water

Memorial Weekend in Yosemite. Yeah, a bit crowded!
Necessary because it was to only chance to get a peak at the falls when the water was still flowing heavily. We stayed just outside the park in a RV park in El Portal on Highway 140.

A view of Upper Yosemite Falls, left, and a Lower Yosemite Falls from the bridge close to the base, on the right above.

Another view of Upper Yosemite Falls on the left above, Half Dome is on the right.

A couple of views of Happy Isles . Dawn and Lou are in the left picture looking at the rushing water.

Above left, Sentinal Bridge. The water is right up to the bottom of the bridge, was over the top last week. Above right, Mirror lake view of North Dome.

Above, many meadows are flooded due to the high level of the Merced river. Many pathways are blocked by the flooding.

A view of Upper Yosemite Falls from Camp Curry. On the right above is a view of Wildcat Falls, the second big water fall seen when entering on Highway 140 West of the Highway 120 junction.
Excellent weather for a visit, great views of the waterfalls but the meadows are a little wet. You can't have everything. One of the nice things about visiting Yosemite is that it is always a nice visit, whatever season!

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