Monday, June 19, 2006

Air Disaster

I arose early to beat the wind. I took my RC Plane out to Mitchel Park to fly. I got it in Las Vegas last January and haven't flown it but once there. I never seem to get up early enough to beat the wind. Today was different, sort of. All went well. The grass was a little high and wet so the take off was difficult and slow but once in the air it flew well, until a tree jumped out. Being an inexperience pilot, I did keep it from being caught in the tree top, however, the flight took a sudden turn, down. The plane dropped straight down from about 30'. Shouldn't have really hurt much, but it did. The frame rail shattered. That was quick, 15 seconds and then pieces. Oh well, this is fun. Off to the store for replacement parts. I've already scouted out a store that has the parts. I knew it wouldn't be long before I'd need something, I just hoped it would be a little longer.
For your information. it's a Park Zone Slo-V park flyer. An electric radio controlled plane. We saw a fellow camper using one at Pismo Beach State Park last fall and it looks like fun. It's carried in the RV hanging from the ceiling.

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