Sunday, February 18, 2007

Arbor Nearing Completion

10 Squirrels at Wilton
Every morning, Lou sprinkles some bird seed on the ground under the oak tree. While it's called "bird" seed, the squirrels probably eat the most of it. There's quite a crew here. Ten squirrels enjoy their breakfast, then the birds pick at it the rest of the day.

Arbor, Almost finished Arbor Foundation
The new arbor is nearly finished. It's installed on its foundation now and ready for cold galvanizing. Even the swings were hung today. It sits a little high now because the new flag stone deck will be about 4 to 6 inches higher. The new deck will come up to just below the cross piece. The columns just slip on tenons on the rods driven into the ground. Some wire will be strung around the top to help support the vines.

This project is now far enough along to allow us to take a little trip without the wisteria and violet trumpet vines getting away without support.

Dawn's Old Swing Set
Here's Dawn's old swing, build with similar construction twenty-three years ago. It still looks like new. With this new arbor capable of providing kids swings if needed we might try to find a good home for Dawn's old swing. I'd want it to go to someone who would not just dispose of it when their kids get tired of it and pass it on to another good home. It should last another 50 years at least. One of the neat things about it is that it doesn't tip. I can swing up even with the top bar without worry of tipping and it's not fastened to the ground, just a wide base. Besides a safer swing, it also is fully welded and has no bolts or sharp edges that always seem injury the kids or me.

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