Monday, February 19, 2007

RV Smog Checkup

Today I got up early, actually 7:30 was never early during the working life but is now days. I do stay up late most nights so my so my days and nights are just offset a tad.

Anyway, I was up early to wakeup the RV so it could get a smog check. Darn, I hate these things recently. I took it to the test and repair station that passed the old Volvo.  The RV passed with flying colors.

I worked on the arbor some more adding some wire to the top to help support the plants. I also cold galvanized the welds. It's now finished except for the flag stone deck.

Tomorrow, the glass shop comes by to replace the RV drivers windshield. It was broken a while back. The crack is only a little over a foot but could spread with any bump so its going to have to go.

It's now time to play a little. Next week we'll take the train to Reno for a couple of days and then we may hit the road for a little while shortly there after.

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