Monday, February 26, 2007

Cold Season

I hate colds. I usually do get a winter cold, like now. Not a serious one but enough fpr me to settle down and not do much. It has been a typical cold, a couple of days feeling like you might be getting a cold, a couple of days feeling bad, and a couple of days feeling pretty good but still like you just had a cold. It kind of ruined the week because I pretty much take it easier on all the days. Easier as in doing nothing.

I have been tinkering with the web sites and trying to learn a few things. I've been playing with the look and feel of this site. I apologize if you happened by during one of the failures. I've also been playing with the Google Maps they now work well but not on this site until I change the theme (the stuff that makes this website look like it does) I'm using here. So I'm looking at themes that are constructed in a compatible manner to Google Maps. I'm now testing them off-line so this site will work until I make the change. During one of my previous tests, I knocked this site down for about 30 minutes and that worried me. Here's the link to the test site with the theme I'm thinking of using if I can customize it appropriately. It's also using an upgraded version of WordPress, the blogging software that is used for editing this site. So, when I make the changes, everything will be upgraded. It's also on a Windows server not a Linux server like this site and that has presented some additional problems. So, the fun never stops

We're headed to Reno Wednesday on the California Zephyr . The weather seems to be cooperating and there will be snow on the mountains providing wonderful views through the Sierra mountains. Since we got the RV, we almost never stay in hotels but, since were traveling light and the RV wouldn't fit in the backpack, we'll be staying at the Silver Legacy during our visit there.

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