Friday, April 27, 2007

Bakersfield, California

We got up with the sun and were on the road. It's different here in sunny California. It's hot, finally. Arrived at Uncle Doug and Hellen's place for the day.

I had difficulties getting the Remco drive-line disconnect to engage so I climbed under the car and made some adjustments to the disconnect cable and it finally worked.

We went out to the Ranch Market for breakfast. We really like the Ranch Market. Great food and atmosphere.

I filled the RV with some luscious Bakersfield water. When we left on Saturday, we stopped by Camping World to empty the holding tanks. It is nice of them to provide the dump. Too bad they weren't open at 7am when we were there. They have a nice indoor RV showroom and cheap LPG, neither of which we could take advantage of this trip.

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