Thursday, October 18, 2007

Body Worlds

The Body Worlds exhibit is at the The Tech Museum in San Jose. Body World is a traveling show of real human bodies that have been plasticized and disassembled in various ways so you can see how the human body is assembled in great detail. I wasn't really interested in going to see it but Dawn and Lou were. Yesterday evening was free for students so Dawn got in free. Since Lou wasn't feeling well, I took Dawn and helped with the narrative for Dawn reading the small print and pointing out things that are a bit easier for people with better sight.

It is a typical traveling museum show but unlike the Tut exhibit we saw in LA, it had adequate room for the crowd, excellent lighting and there was no rushing people out. The specimens were interesting and I now know more than I'd like to know about the human body. If you get the opportunity to see it you should.

As to The Tech Museum. It's not really very interesting. It's sort of a third rate Exploritorium, a really nice "hands on" museum in San Francisco.

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