Friday, October 19, 2007

Fresno, Ca

A quick note on a slow connection.

Thursday: Dawn worked over a Stanford today. Lou and I finished packing and preparing the RV to go. At 3pm we headed South toward Fresno. Traffic was getting bad before we got out of town. We stopped at Walmart's in Los Banos for a stretch then headed on. We arrived at Lu's sister Kathy's place in Fresno a little after 7pm. her son Mitchell had prepared a very nice dinner.
Friday: Today was a thrift shop day. We stopped at the Country Depot and then at Samonian's Fruit Stand. Then it was off to downtown to a bunch of thrift shops there. I looked around nearby since I generally don't like to thrift. I stopped by a used RV lot and saw a couple of nice vintage RV's. I also stopped by Pep boys auto store and saw the canopy cover we just got at the flea market for about 2/3's the cost. Next time? I then wandered to around the downtown mall which is mostly vacant. Too bad. Then it was time to return home for a snack

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