Monday, October 29, 2007

Highway 1 To Big Sur

Sunny Pismo Beach.JPG
Up early, really! Cooked a nice breakfast of potatoes, onions, red pepper and Italian sausage. While it mellowed, I took my shower, then ate breakfast. I finished preparing to leave and then took a walk out to the beach. It was nice and sunny this morning. Now it shines? I was out onto the road at a bit before 9am. I stopped in San Luis Obispo at the market to restock.

As I came close to Morro Bay the sun disappeared in the fog. As I continued the fog changed to clouds and they leaked with sprinkles most of the way North and some rain.

SLO Botanical Garden Gate .JPG Flower At El Churro Park.JPG
After shopping, I stopped at El Churro Regional Park. I visited the SLO Botanical Gardens. They are looking a little better but still show signs of the freeze damage last year. I brought out my camera and a tripod to get some pictures. There weren't too many flowers. There were a lot of the red trumpet type flowers that the humming birds love.

Humming Bird.JPG Humming Bird.JPG
Here are some better shops of the humming birds using the tripod. i'm usually too lazy to carry the tripod.

Humming Bird.JPG Humming Bird.JPG
And some more. Some don't have ie great color. At one point, I was waiting near their favorite flowers and about four humming birds buzzed around my head one even thumped my ear.
Orange Butterfly.JPG White Butterfly.JPG
There were also some butterflies, or moths.

Brown Butterfly.JPG
This one is really pretty.

Elephant Seals At piedras Blancas.JPG Elephant Seals At piedras Blancas.JPG
I stopped at Piedras Blancas to watch the Elephant seals on the beech. There were a lot of them very close in to watch. No really big guys though.

Trail To Harbor At Milemarker Stream On Trail To Harbor At Milemarker

The Tunnel Harbor At Milemarker The Harbor At Milemarker
I also stopped at Mile marker "Mon 38" and hiked the trail down to an old cove where ships loaded bark used for tanning. The trail was a road that came down and goes through a tunnel to a deep water slot in the solid rock cliff than ships used to come in to be loaded. It must have been tricky getting in and out of this one ship harbor. There a really nice stream along the trail near the bottom.

Big Sur Campsite.JPG
When I arrived at Pfiffer Big Sur State Park it was raining. I selected a nice site with a view of the sky. There are only a few that have that view and I wanted it for both solar and satellite. It turns out I didn't need the satellite view since that have nice Att-wifi here and I have an account so am using it instead. It uses less power and is faster. As evening came the rain stopped.

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