Monday, June 30, 2008

A Big Anniversary!

Well, four years ago today, I retired. The smartest thing I ever did! I really can't figure out how I ever had time to work at a job all those years. There's barely enough time to do nothing today.

One reason for my retiring, almost as soon as I could, was to have some time in retirement before it becomes obsolete. Recent trends seem to indicate that may occur. If we have to return to work some day in the future it will be after we've enjoyed some time off. With the stock market falling and house prices dropping, retirements are being affected for many but fortunately no effect for us, yet.

Now gas prices are another matter. We're hanging around home this summer to get some work done on the house but it's also a great time not to be on the road, as well, with gas prices approaching $5.

I was recently tempted to do some contract work after a job offer from a company I wouldn't mind working for. I decided not to because the reason I retired was to not work, even for short periods. Working might become a bad habit again and I don't want to pick up any more bad habits.

We've enjoyed  our rambling road trips and hope to continue them as long as we can.

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