Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It’s Not Travel, But We’re Still Enjoying It

Bol Park Path.JPG
Monday: (06/16) We all took a nice long walk this morning. We walked over to Bol park then over to Gunn High School. While there we met one of the teachers Lou worked with there and got all the recent news. We then headed toward Los Altos along the Hech Hechy right of way trail. Then Lou and Dawn went by the bowling alley where there is a nice Thia restaurant where they shared a big bowl of coconut soup. I walked over to Sears and a couple of hardware stores trying to find a replacement water filter cartridge. I didn't find it but did have nice walk back home.

Later in the evening we all went down to the New Tung Kee noodle palace for dinner. Dawn enjoyed a visit to Rasputin's book store while Lou and I visited Orchard Supply Hardware and I got my water filter cartridge as well as some hardware cloth (wire) for some dirt screening racks i need to make.

Tuesday: (06/17) Lou had an doctor's appointment this morning. Her "cold" has been lingering far too long. I drove her down and brought my trusty little laptop and sat across the street by city hall using the free wifi that Mountain View enjoys thanks to Google. After i had caught up with the computer, I took a walk around town until Lou was finished. Then we stopped by the Hong Kong bakery for breakfast. Great baked pork buns.

In the afternoon I met with the Sears folks. They wanted to stop by and reduce the cost of their proposal for our siding and windows. I'll have to make a decision this week and I have two good proposals?

Wednesday: (06/18) I drove around looking at examples of the contractors work.

Thursday: (06/19) Free transit day. All bay area transit is free today except for Caltrain and Bart which are only free until noon. It's a good day to get out and look around. Dawn and I rode lightrail down to a big shopping center in South San Jose, Oakridge Mall. It takes a long time to get there. We rode the bus back home. All free, as it should always be if government had any real interest in cutting down the use of single occupant cars.

Friday: (06/20) I went on a little shopping trip trying to find a temporary garage tent. I need someplace to move all the stuff in my shop to while we remove the shop structure and then replace it, after the siding is installed, with a better structure.

I also did a little grocery shopping and stopped by the Elephant Pharmacy, another project of the founder of Whole Foods, to get some herb Lou needs to fight her allergy attack/cold??

Saturday: (06/21) When I was at the mall a couple of days ago I arranged to have another window replacement contractor come by an make a bid. They came by thins morning.

Temp Shop.JPG Temp Shop.JPG
While I was waiting for them, I started erecting the temporary garage before it gets too hot. It's 100 in the shade here.

Lou's Mercedes.JPG
Lou and Dawn went to the Stanford rummage sale and Lou bought a very nice Mercedes car, for $2. Of course she won't be able to drive it but the neighbor kids can peddle it.

Sunday: (06/22) Busy moving stuff out of the shop into the temp garage (tent). It's obvious that the shop hasn't been tidy in years. There's a lot of dirty junk most of which ison the way to a garage sale or the dump. It'll take a few days to finish.

We went to a theater in Redwood City to see Indiana Jones. Not bad. but, it must have been hard for the old man to act like a kid again.

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