Friday, July 18, 2008

Big Sissy

Last night was quite fun. About 3pm, I returned home from another material finding run. I was feeling a little pain in the lower back. By 4pm, when Lou and Dawn arrived home, I was in pretty bad shape with excruciating back pain. I had awaken the night before with the same pain but after finally getting to sleep I awoke in the morning feeling pretty good.

Doctor Lou, who has a working memory, said "the last time you felt this way and were writhing on the floor in agony, you had a kidney stone." She was nice enough to drive me to Kaiser's emergency room where they gave me a shot which fixed the pain, did a CT scan and confirmed Doctor Lou's diagnosis. Four hours later we were on the way home. A fun evening.

Fortunately, it's been 10 years or so since that last episode. I'm now taking it easy since I'm now a drugged person. Lou's taken over my laundry room face lift project. I can't be trusted near sharp tools and fire.

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