Saturday, July 19, 2008

Continuing On

Friday: (07/18) Lou and I worked a little on our project. She as the clear thinking one using the tools me as some muscle when needed. We're a pretty good team. We add up to a whole wit (1/2 +1/2).

For dinner, we went to Chevy's Fresh Mex restaurant. We had some coupons for a 3.99 second dinner with the purchase on another. We got our two dinners shared among the three of us an brought home enough left overs for another meal. Cheap and exellent food too. That offsets a gallon of gas.

Saturday; (07/19) I was feeling good so finished the plumbing in the laundry room. I don't really like plumbing but it's always good to finish any project or portion there of. Now for the cabinets. Lou helped out as needed and worked on her dolls.

Interesting wallpaper under the wood paneling in laundry room.JPG Why can't water flow uphill like this dri=ain pipe wants?
Above left, when the dark wood paneling was removed, the old "wall paper" was exposed. It was magazine pictures from the 50's. The removal of the paneling fixed a minor termite infestation and made the room brighter. Above right, this drain pipe is working extra hard since it drains uphill. What was the "plumber thinking"?

Sunday; (07/20) Lou and I started hanging the dry wall in the laundry room. "Funny" how such a small wall is so time consuming to fit with drywall. Lou took her time fitting the pieces due to all the piping and other obstacles. We have a problem doing projects like this because we don't do them in a workmanship like manner, we do the properly instead. That takes a little longer. It's also why we usually don't hire contractors and do all our own work. We are getting a bit more lazy which is why the siding and windows are being done by a contractor. I hope we aren't a disappointed.

Monday; (07/21) Dawn returned to San Jose for some appointments. Lou and I finished hanging the dry wall in the laundry room and did the taping.

We stopped by Chevy's Fresh Mex restaurant for an early dinner using another of their generous coupons.

Tuesday; (07/22) Lou went down to San Jose for her doll class.

I finished the tape and texture of the walls

Wednesday; (07/23) I prime painted the walls. Lou and Dawn made their way home stopping for dinner at the Palo Alto Creamery restaurant.

Thursday; (07/24) Breakfast at the Chavez Market and Taqueria in Redwood City (RWC). We needed some paint for the laundry room project and our local Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) store has been out of the things we need on too many on our recent visits. Since they aren't restocking they must be getting ready to close. Too bad, they used to be a good hardware store and still are usually better the the Home Depot and Lowe's stores. The store OSH in RWC seems better stocked usually. We also stopped by a nursery and Lou and Dawn got an artichoke plant, a papyrus plant and some duck weed for the pond.

Friday: (07/25)  Still at the laundry room.  I built a platform to hold the new Ikea cabinets. The platform covers the drain pipe and allows the cabinet to be against the wall. It also raises the cabinet higher so the doors will swing over the steps into the house. Always something that needs special treatment. Lou and Dawn have been attacking the house cleaning. Our place may become respectable?

Saturday: (07/26) We started assembling the Ikea cabinets for installation in the laundry room. Even though they are probably the best constructed junk cabinets made, they are still cheaply made, the new way of the world. With all the add-ons that make storage easier, they most definitely are NOT cheap. Probably the first and last we get. I prefer real plywood more than sawdust cabinetry.

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