Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Warning And Not Much Else

Monday: (12/01) Not much happening. I'm relaxing Lou's cleaning. Sounds like I'm being lazy, great!

Tuesday: (12/02) My recently typical relaxing morning. Lou recently busy morning. I dabbled with the computer, she was busy cleaning up after the doggie visit.

We both stepped out about 1:30 and caught a bus toward San Jose. We hopped on and off vising various stores and thrift shops along El Camino Real. We walked through the new village along the Alameda near downtown San Jose and then walked along Race street. Several years ago I had eaten at a good Cuban restaurant there and thought that might be good for our diner. We arrived about 4:30 but they didn't open until 5pm so we continued on to a big sporting goods store, Mel Cotton's on San Carlos. We brosed through it in no time and returned for an excellent dinner at the Habana Cuba restaurant. We then caught a bus to the Valley Fair shopping center, looked around a while then caught a bus to downtown San Jose.

We walked over to San Jose State to meet Dawn at a showing of the documentary film "The Warning" shown by its writer/producer/director Joseph P. Sottile. Per the announcement: "The film is based on extensive interviews with five authors who have warned of authoritarian trends in America: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Crimes Against Nature, Naomi Wolf, The End of America, Chris Hedges, American Fascists, Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine, and Joe Conason, It Can Happen Here." Hopefully more people see it and heed the warning. Dawn went and since we were nearby, we met her there not knowing what it was. I'm glad we met her.

We all then caught the bus back home to Palo Alto.

Wednesday: (12/03) Lou headed off to volunteer at the Stanford University rummage sale. She prepared the childrens section for the Saturday Sale. Me, I played with the computer all day. the most exciting thing today was watching the garbage pickup. I like to watch big machines. Exciting!

Thursday: (12/04) Lou took Dawn to a doctors appointment. They did their thrift shopping before getting home. Me, the usual, at the keyboard.

Friday: (12/05) The day began much like normally, each doing the usual. Lou doll making and spring cleaning, Dawn job search and me not much. A little after noon, we all headed out. We dropped Dawn off at the trolley station in Mountain View. She attended an Anthropology club meeting.
I had a doctors appointment for a biopsy. It didn't take long at all. We then had lunch at the Home Town Buffet then went home. I then relaxed the rest of the day.

Lou has been busy working on her dolls sewing micro clothes and making micro shoes. Dawn started making entries to her own blog, Her writing talents far exceed mine. She has posted many of her short stories as well, some works in progress.

Saturday: (12/06) Lou, Dawn and our neighbor Meilie are off to the Stanford rummage sale. Lou is working there today so I'll pickup the others when they're done looking. I enjoyed working at the computer doing a little programming all day. Not much change there. And of course, Lou worked with the dolls. She, unfortunately broke a doll's foot while dressing it. Back to the begining for that foot. Dawn continued the job search and writing.

It's more like winter now, cooler and occasional fog.

Sunday: (12/07) Lou and Dawn are off to Fresno for a few days to Lou's sister's place. I get to be on vacation again. I'll start preparing the RV to go. I've ignored it long enough. Looks like we may get out on the 17th toward Pismo beach then out to the desert through Bakersfield, Las Vegas and Quartzsite. We didn't get everything accomplished on this visit but we did get a lot done. Un-done things will be here when we return.

Since we'll be heading out, it's great that the fuel prices are MUCH lower. Less pump shock. I read a thought on Nick Russel's blog about the real reason for the drop in gas prices and it seems more realistic than a reported reduction in use of our cars. That reduction isn't always apparent. He suggests that the real reason for lower prices is less speculation in oil. No one has any money to speculate. Sounds logical.

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