Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Trip Prep

Monday: (12/15) Pretty good rain last night and this morning. There was even some snow and hail in the San Francisco Bay Area last night. I guess winter has begun. I played wit hthe computer trying to restore the programs I really need on the new hard drive. Probably about have done now. Unfortunately, it was probably the easy half. Dawn finished her packing and then Lou did hers. Tomorrow I'll catch up. Dawn was in the baking mood as well and backed cookies. Hopefully some survive for the trip.

I upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.7 a few days ago. The new blog is also using the domain (tbd) rather than  (dw). Both actually get you to the same blog but now it's actually hosted on the tbd site rather than the dw site. I kind of like the new look but it may change as I polish the theme or find a better theme. There were a few problems with photo links so if you see a bad one on older posts, let me know.

Tuesday: (12/16) Dawn went down to San Jose for a class. Lou brought home some baked pork buns from the Hong Kong bakery for breakfast. It's my turn to get packed today. I also filled the water.  All ready to leave early tomorrow. Lou and I went over to the Sizzler Restaurant for lunch. We shared a steak and lobster special. We haven't been to a Sizzler in 10-15 years. Lunch was good and enough for the two of us. I haven't had lobster for twice that and now that I have, it will likely be another 30 years before I need it again.

Lou baked some chicken and cooked some Brussels sprouts and baked potatoes for dinner. Those pressure cooked Brussels sprouts are sure good. Who would have thought?

We're down to the wire now. Lou's doing the final refrigerator transfer. It seems like we always depart on garbage day. It's unintentional but handy to be rid of the stuff rather than have it ferment while we're gone. I've got all my junk laoded except for this laptop. Everthing is battened down and we're ready, or as ready as we ever are. Once we break free of the magnet of home, all becomes much easier. It's just the getting away that is always hard.

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