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Monday: (12/08) Well, another week at home, but, looks like the last one for a while? Lou and Dawn are off on a little trip of their own to Fresno so I'm on vacation at home. About 10 days and the "hard" work of living on the road begins again.

I try to keep my political ramblings off this blog. I also have my personal blog and today I observed a stroke of efficiency worthy of note. UPS is just great. My comment got too big for this blog so I moved it over to my blog. Don't explore my blog too much though unless you think left of center or are considering it.

Tuesday: (12/09) Up early and headed over to the Kaiser hospital to get the stitches out of my finger. It's doing fine. I then treated myself to breakfast at the Country Inn in Cupertino on the way home. An Italian and artichoke omemette souffle.  I spent the rest of the day going through some of the junk in my study. I contacted the Computer History Museum in Mountain View asking if they still wanted my old computers. They do. The computers were fairly easy to find, the stuff that goes with them wasn't as easy to find.

Wednesday: (12/10) A little more junk review in the study. I also installed some new memory modules in my 4 year old laptop doubling it to 2GB. I also checked into replacing the hard drive which has run out of room. In order to do that, I started backing up the hard drive. About 42GB of the 75GB needed to be backed up to n external hard drive. Nothing really significant accomplished to day but everything takes time.

Thursday: (12/11) I was up early. I went over to Central Computer in Sunnyvale to get a replacement hard drive for my laptop. They opened at 9am and I was out in 10 minutes. No Christmas rush that early. I had an appointment at 10am so I had time to stop in downtown Mountain View for breakfast of a baked pork bun and an egg tart from the Hong Kong Bakery.

Commodore B128-80 Commodore B128-80 Rear
At 10am I went over to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. I had some old computers they were interested in having. The Commodore Business Machines B128-80 above was Commodores attempt at getting the office machine market. It came out about the time of the IBM PC and they abandoned it.

SFD 1001 SFD 1001 Back
The SFD1001 was a 1MB floppy drive for the B128-80.

I also delivered my first computer, an Ohio Scientific C4P. Both computer were quite useful in their day but they'll never be put to any real use again. The best use, since they are both in excellent condition, is as museum specimens.

Next stop, the muffler shop. The toad's muffler is damaged and need repair. While I waited for the shops evaluation, I walked down to the San Antonio shopping center and browsed the Sears and Walmart's. When I got home, I battened down things in the RV getting ready to head down to San Jose tomorrow morning.

Friday: (12/12) Up far too early to drive the RV down to San Jose for an 0800 pre-trip check / oil and lube at Leale's RV. It's also getting the Dometic refrigerator recall fix.

I arrived at the shop at 7am to avoid any traffic problems. They open at at 8m but accepted it a little earlier. Leale's is pretty close to downtown San Jose so I walked down to Dawn's apartment. On the way I stopped for breakfast at La Victoria Taqueria for a breakfast burrito.

At Dawn's, I installed a new router in Dawn's computer network so she has a cable for her laptop to be able to print. That went well.

Then, while I was there I used the toilet. That didn't go well. It was stopped up. It may be because of the intermittent use but it changed my day anyway. Her apartment is part of our house there and the only thing stopped up was the toilet so I walked over to Walgreen's and got a plunger. I couldn't free it up so I will have to return later to remove the toilet to see what the problem is. It has to be a good blockage in the two feet before it joins the main drain. Nothing else is affected. Sounds like a fun weekend. My relaxing morning sure changed.

I walked back to Leale's at noon to get the RV. All ready to go. I stopped for a nearby Chinese Buffet lunch and headed home.

Just after I got home, the shop called to say the toad (our 92 Volvo) was ready with it's new muffler. I walked down to pick it up. Sounds much better. It really shouldn't have needed it. Must have been poorly installed two years ago but it was broken. It looks like it's installed properly this time.

Lou called about 1pm and said she was leaving Fresno. They arrived home about 10pm. There are a lot of thrift and antique stores along the way.

Don's Finger Repair
Good news, the doctor called this evening and my biopsy was clear. Also, the finger is looking better.

Saturday: (12/13) We're getting our first real cold snap starting today. We may even freeze up with the arctic air coming in. Nice time to head South next Wednesday. I fixed fried eggs and home fries for breakfast and then started dinner. Italian sausage, potatoes and some of Dawn;s homemade sauerkraut.

First thing, I dropped off some old computer monitors and printers at the recycle store. Little by little, my study is re-appearing as this junk is disposed of. Then, I went back down to San Jose to clear Dawn's drain. When I got there, it was working fine? Since I was there I cleaned the bathroom anyway. My brain doesn't work like it used to. As I was leaving I finally decided to look at the cleanout in the front yard, it was overflowing into the flower bed. Problem found. I spoke with the tenant and asked him to call the city to cleanout their line to the street. All the drain pipe is new except the line from the edge of the sidewalk out into the street. The roots clog it up occasionally. Seems like we had to have the City clean it every year but it's now been many years since it clogged. What I really can't understand though is why the tenant never called. I had heard them using the sink and they must have needed the toilet sometime in the last two days? Tenants?  I'm glad this happened now rather than next week or later after we had gotten on the road.

The dinner started this morning was very good.

Sunday: 12/14) I fixed a nice breakfast of some leftover home fried potatoes from yesterday morning and some left over potatoes and sausage for the sauerkraut dinner last night. Quite nice.

More fun today. I went back down to San Jose. The City had cleaned the drain so I cleaned up the mess. This is too much like a bad day at the RV dump station?

When I got back home I went through my tool bags making sure I had everything and placed them in the RV. Then I tinkered at the computer. Lots more to do to re-install all (or at least some) the software on the new hard drive.

Dawn's been packing today and Lou's working with dolls and sewing and helping Dawn. Later Lou got into a baking mood and backed an apricot pie and made some tarts as well. Excellent pie. She used some frozen apricots from our tree as well as some dried apricots. The dried fruit really amplifies the flavor.

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