Sunday, December 21, 2008


Sunday: (12/21) Visiting with Helen here in Bakersfield.

Monday: (12/22) We went over to the Ranch market for breakfast. We shared a couple of breakfast burritos. Helen had a quesadillo Lou and Dawn continued on to visit all the local thrift stores. Helen and I headed home. I then took the RV out to Camping World to fill the LPG tank. The needle on the LPG gauge was totally gone. It took 16 gallons, the most I've ever added. I visited the RV sales floor on my way into the store. I needed some new bungee cords for the towbar cables. The did have a very nice new 37' diesel class A for $109k. That's cheap and the floor plan was pretty good too. Fun looking. On the way back to Helen's, I also filled up the gas tanks. Much cheaper than the last fillup this past summer. Then it was about $4.79/gal requiring three passes of the credit card to complete the fillup. This time, the 56 gallons cost barely more than $100, a single pass of the credit card. The second pass was only for $2. I like the difference. It's a little painful to realize that the first leg of our trip with these low gas prices everywhere was using the expensive summer priced gas. We always fill up on our return home so that we have plenty of gas in case of one of the pesky unscheduled earthquake emergencies that happen around home. If we didn't, we could be the cause of a serious quake. Bad things only happen when you are unprepared. Something like always wear you best underwear or you'll have an accident.

Dinner was Helen's spaghetti and some of her son's sauce.

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