Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Aching Back

Monday: (10/26) Little work on my part. Ernie worked at sand filtering. Lou and Dawn moved some planters. A neighbor down the street accepted my old table saw so we rolled it down the street before he backed out.

Donuts for breakfast. Cold cuts for lunch. Hamburgers and macaroni salad for dinner.

A View Of the New Shop Sheds and The Green House and Our Worn Out lawn
Tuesday: (10/27) Little work on my part. I inspected the contractors work on the street nearby. I installed some door handles on the shop and sealed the gutter. Ernie finished filtering the sand pile. Lou and I picked up our new dishwasher.

Waffles for breakfast. Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Chicken, baked potato disks, sweet potatoes, peas and broccoli for dinner.

Wood Decking Removed Just the Rotten Supports Remains Wood Deck All Gone Exposing the old Garage Foundation
Wednesday: (10/28) Ernie, Lou and I worked on removing the wooden deck. We removed about 3/4 of it. Ernie and I also installed the new dishwasher. It's so quiet, I wasn't sure it was running. Quite a difference. It's a good thing the old dishwasher stopped working because it had a leak that could have turned in to a real problem. They don't last forever.

Breakfast was some of Courtney's homemade pumpkin pie. Lunch was from our local Chinese fast food place China Mei. Lou made a nice pot roast for dinner.

Thursday: (10/29) Lou, Dawn and I went up to San Francisco. We stopped for breakfast in Milbrea at Neal's Coffee Shop. We dropped Dawn off at the EPA office for a job fair. Lou and I looked around nearby in downtown San Francisco. After Dawn was finished we all went to Chinatown for a late lunch and a look around the shops. We returned home about 7:30.

While Lou and I were having tea waiting to pick up Dawn, I noticed Lou had some spinach in her teeth (see breakfast below). Spinach's reputation proved true. Hopefully Dawn didn't have a similar piece of residue on display during her interviews. Note to Dawn, no spinach before any future interviews.

We arrived back in time for Dawn to go over to Courtney's for a pumpkin carving party.

Ernie worked alone today removing the rest of the wood decking. Getting old nails and screws out isn't easy.

Breakfast was corned beef hash, eggs, hash browns and pancakes. Lou and Dawn had a spinach Italian sausage omlette with home fries and toast. Always good. Lunch was white rice, Kung pow chicken, sweet and sour pork, minced meat dim sum (aka pork stickers), egg rolls, and won ton soup.

Friday: (10/30) Ernie and I finished removing the deck and salvaging the decking boards. They make a nice fence now. They will either be used later for a smaller deck or given away for someone else to use. There is a lot of good redwood there. The only thing that has to be dealt with still is the fence that was attached to the deck on one side.

We also unloaded a couple of new metal garden sheds Lou picked up yesterday. We're replacing Lou's worn out shed used to store some of her ceramic molds and adding another for Ernie's storage needs. Unloading was enough for today. We'll assemble them another day.

The evening was ruined by a kitchen sink drain stoppage. I took most of the night trying everything to get it open. I finally succeeded in poking a small hole in it and Lou then opened up with a good dose of tide detergent. It popped open after about 30 minutes of tide. Fun! Fun!

It's a good thing my back has been cooperating and I was able to get something done today.

French toast for breakfast. Lunch was smoked chicken and avocados. Dawn made a nice vegetable soup and baked some beer bread for dinner.

Saturday: (10/31) Halloween.  Everyone was busy in the yard. Ernie and I made a dump run with the debris from the deck removal. We also removed the grape and scarlet trumpet vines.

Lou was busy moving molds from her shed. Just a little more work before we assemble her new storage shed for the molds.

Breakfast was whatever you found. I had a PBJ English muffin. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Meatloaf baked potatoes and corn on the cobb for dinner.

Sunday: (11/01) Lou Ernie and I went down to San Jose to look at a used RV for Ernie. It was a 1988 Tioga 27' class C/ It was in pretty good shape but the delaminating exterior walls worried us. No evidence of any leaks though. We want a short RV, in good shape with a low price. The search continues.

Other that our morning trip we relaxed most of the day at home.

We stopped at Jack In The Box for breakfast, Lou and i had steak and egg breakfast burritos. Ernie had an ultimate breakfast sandwich. Lunch was leftover soup and meatloaf.

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