Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home, Home In The Rain

A Pair Of Red Hawks A Pair Of Red Hawks
Tuesday: (01/19) We woke up to a nice morning, all the puddles dried out, no rain and a little breeze. I managed to get a walk around the campground as the wind started picking up. I spotted a nice big red hawk out the RV window looking for breakfast. I got my camera out only to have him fly away by the time I could find him and focus the camera. Tiny bird, at least it is on my tiny camera screen. He did return later and I did get some pictures of him, and his mate. Two huge birds. Sorry for the picture quality, the are good looking birds. We read our books and think they ar the Western version of the red shouldered hawk.

We don't make long term plans. Today is a typical reason we don't. We needed to decide if we were staying a couple more days here in Oceano or head Sount toward Santa Barbara. We then got a call from our tenant in San Jose saying the heater wasn't  working. Considering the cost of getting someone out and the time it would take to get them out, and the fact it had started to rain, or deluge, again, we decided to head up to fix it. We're not too far away yet.

It was interesting getting the solar panels down in the heavy rain. We drove over to a gas station, got some gas and used their awning for shelter to lower the panels and hookup the car, then we were off. Arrived in San Jose by 3pm and fixed the heater. Everything tested good and it started to work so I just replaced the thermostat in hopes it doesn't fail again. But I did find that there was some water leaking onto the heater from the vent pipe. I'll fix that tomorrow if the rain holds up for a spell.

I'll check to see what havoc the storm has caused at our place as well. We hope to be back on the road really soon. I won't let Lou take anything out of the RV nor get comfortable at home. We may try Santa Cruz for our next attempt at getting away.

Oatmeal and bananas for breakfast. Cold cuts nibbled on the road for lunch. Dinner at home at Cecelia's Mexican Restaurant, a short walk from home.

Wednesday: (01/20) Lou fixed one of her excellent oven omelets, tuna, spinach, onions and cheese. it rained rather well all morning. After lunch of red pepper soup, Lou Dawn and I went down to San Jose, Dawn for an appointment and Lou and I to work on the rental. I sealed the heater vent pipe. It was leaking onto the heater. Lou patched and painted where the thermostat was replaced. I also cleaned the rain gutters and repaired a leaky toilet. I hate working on toilets. For me, they are always difficult to get to work correctly and this one was typical. All missions accomplished. We had dinner at the Super Taqueria. Dawn and I shared a carnitas torta and I also had a quesadilla, Lou had a carnitas quesadilla.

I relaxed and caught up on the computer. Lou and Dawn went over to IKEA for an indoor walk. Looks like the rain will be with us for a while longer. Lou and I should get away tomorrow.

Thursday: (01/21) We all went over to Joanie's Cafe for breakfast. Dawn had the salmon omelet, Lou had the Huevo Ranchero burito, Ernie had the Eggs Benedict, and I had pancakes and whatever else I could steal.We hooked up the toad and were on the road by 11:30. The rain was nice and stopped long enough to get hooked up. It had been raining steadily sinvce 1:30 am when i went to bed. We stopped in Sunnyvale for gas at one of the cheapest stations we had seem in our travels. We also stopped for propane in San Jose at Suburban prop[ane on Monterey highway. Only $3.59 there and $4.15 at the service station we checked on the way. We then continued down Monterey Highway to Morgan Hill and the Camping World store. I got some caulk and some tape to seal a roof leak we have on the right front. Now if we only have a dry spell. We finally were back on the highway about 1pm. It rained most of the time all the way back down to Oceano Campground at Pismo Beach SB. We stopped for apple fritters in Greenfield at a nice bakery there.

We arrived in Oceano about 6pm and settled in to a new campsite. There are quite a few campers here tonight including one that was in our previous campsite. Darn! I wanted it to have a potential good view of the red hawks we saw before we left. We're next to the same tree but on the opposite side now. May still get a good view. Lou fixed  some shirataki noodles with leftover pork roast, carrots, green beans and such. Very good. We had to try the shirataki noodles because they claim to have 0 carbs and 5 calories per serving. And it tasted good as well. We took a short walk around the campground and noted the water in the pond is a foot higher than before we left.

I finally added some more pictures to the previous post and this one this evening. Getting the photos up is not always immediately with the narative.

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