Monday, January 25, 2010

On The Road To Quartzsite

Monday: (01/25) We got up early but were in no hurry to leave. Breakfast was leftover pork roast, mashed potatoes for me , sweet potato for Lou and toast. I lowered to solar panels which haven't had a good opportunity to do any good except day before yesterday. We drove back down to the dump station near grand avenue. The station there had three lanes and there was no one there, an advantage of it being Monday and being early. We headed out grand Avenue to the freeway but, unfortunately, Lou spotted another un visited thrift store so performed the required inspection. We then did get on the road.

We stopped in Buelton just before noon at pea Soup Andersen's for a bowl of soup then were back on the road. We left highway 101 in Ventura and caught highway 118 East and connected with highway 210 East. About 4pm, we stopped at a Walmart in Duarte because traffic was getting bad on the freeway. We stretched our legs and bought a few things and then enjoyed dinner in the parking lot. We got gas and were back on the road about 7pm. We stopped for the night East of Redlands at a rest stop on I10.

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