Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yard Cleanup

Wednesday: (01/06) We arrived home about 01:45 in the wee hours of the morning.

Up by 9am. Lou fixed potatoes, bacon an eggs for breakfast. Ernie worked at stowing his stuff away. I worked at placing Lou's old shed under the oak tree. It will be used to store our bicycle corral. We have too many bikes. Some progress was made on both fronts. The rental truck had a flat tire. The tire looks like it should have been replaced years ago. I didn't check the tires on receipt but that right rear tire has no tread on it. It's lucky we made it all the way from Las Vegas. Lou has been busy helping the neighbor.

Lunch was grilled cheese and tuna sandwiches made with Dawn's homemade sourdough bread. Fried fish with rice and fresh asparagus for dinner.

Thursday: (01/07) Oatmeal for breakfast. Ernie was back at work on his pile of stuff from the truck. I finished installing Lou's shed and returned all the bikes and stuff back into it. Some day something has to go but no time now. We're going to have a BIG garage sale this spring after our return home.Lou was busy with the neighbor and starting to clean up the RV for our trip.

Grilled cheese and bologna English muffins for lunch with Trader Joe's chunky apple sauce.  For dinner we went to Marie Callendar's I had the shepard's pie, Courtney had a chicken pot pie, Dawn had potato cheese soup and Lou had broccoli soup. Dawn and I shared a piece of pecan pie ala mode for desert.

Friday: (01/08) I was busy with a little junk cleanup in the back yard and also checking, cleaning and preparing the RV to go. Lou's busy doing the inside of the RV emptying, cleaning and organizing  cupboards and closets that have been busy collecting things for years.

We were mostly overcast and had a good rain at noon but otherwise nice.

Breakfast?. Lunch of cottage cheese and apricots (me) or Dawn's vegetable (Dawn and Lou) soup. Steak win quinoa and steamed mixed vegetables.

Saturday: (01/09) More of the same today. Lou and Dawn were off early to the used book sale at Friends Of The Library. Lou brought home my breakfast, a pretty good breakfast burrito from Piazzo's Market next door. They also found some books they liked.

I attacked the collection of used drip system parts and other plumbing parts collected and piled in the shed. It was the last mess to clean up. It also allowed me to complete a little organizing and expose a little shop floor for use. By the end of the day it was filled up with a couple of big trunks and a couple of carts that had been in the yard. The yard looks better, the shop? It's a never ending project.

Lou make some homemade mushroom and potato soup with grilled toast. Dawn fixed a meal in one for dinner of quinoa with leftover steak, red peppers, asparagus and onions.

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