Monday, October 25, 2010

Stormy Weather

Since it's starting the rainy season, it must be getting to be time for us to hit the road. Last year it seemed to rain here the whole time we were gone. We even had quite a bit of rain and snow while on the road.

(10/25) While the title mentions rain, it isn't raining today but more is expected soon.  Lou's also busy refinishing the living room floor now. She had to wait until today since our storm has passed and she can leave the door open today to get rid of the fumes. I'm tinkering in the RV today. Since it goes in to Leale's RV tomorrow with the Jeep to get the towbar and brakes system installed for towing. Since it hasn't been on the road trip since the first of June it's collected a lot of stuff that needs to be stowed.

Ernie's oven pilot wouldn't light and since ours had, what I thought was, a similar problem, I was elected to look at it. Our problem had been the pilot lite but the oven wouldn't. The problem for ours was the position of the thermocouple shifting/ it does it quite often. Ernie's turned out to be a clogged orifice for the pilot. Cleaned it and it works now. I also finally installed the additional dinette table bracket and a two position (height) adjustable leg to allow a a lower position for use with a computer in our RV.

Lou fixed a chicken hash with eggs for breakfast. Lunch was some leftover rice with sausage. Dinner was Cornish game hens and leftover rice and vegetables.

Tuesday: (10/26) Big early morning. We all rose at 6am to head to San Jose this morning. Today the jeep and RV went to Leale's RV to be put together. The Jeep needs it's towbar and brakes installed. I hooked the old toad to the RV and Lou drove the Jeep down. We turned it in to them by 8am. Then it was time for breakfast. We stopped at Denny's nearby. We haven't been to one in quite a while. Brakfast was adequate, as in 100 times better than McDonald's but not like our normal local fine restaurants. After breakfast I dropped Lou and Dawn off downtown and went by 4Wheels to pick up the skip plates for the Jeep then dropped them off at Leale's as well. We then completed our rounds stopping by Dawn's doctors office for some papers, thrift stores, and Clay Planet for some slip for Lou' Dolls. Leftovers for lunch and dinner.

Wednesday: (10/27) Lou's busy cleaning the house and more work refinishing the floor. I worked outside putting things away. The RV will not be finished until tomorrow. Lou and Dawn had their braille class this evening. The sky was clear in the morning and in the afternoon it was overcast but there was no rain today.

Cereal for breakfast. Oliveloaf and cheese sandwich with some rice for lunch. Fish with couscous for dinner.

(10/28) The RV and Jeep were ready so Lou took me down to San Jose to pick them up. They are now a pair with the Jeep ready to tow and all protected with it's skid plates. On the way home I stopped at OSH hardware to get some keys made and some other sprinkler parts. OSH had only one key blank so i stopped at Walmart for a couple more. Now evvereybody can have  a key to the jeep. When I got back home I put stuff back in the RV. Lou had a doctors appointment. Another nice day, windy and overcast but nice.

Yogurt and strawberries for breakfast. I had a burrito and Lou a quesodilla for lunch. Oven fried potatoes with steak and mixed vegetables for dinner.

Friday: (10/29) Lou enjoyed a day with her dolls pouring some heads and such. I worked on sprinkers getting the new garden setup with a drip system as well as restoring the front flower bed sprinklers that was cut off by the fence work. I also worked on Ernie's macerator sewer hookup increasing the discharge line size. The weather was mostly nice with a short shower midday. and rain in the evening.

Banana-less splits for lunch at the Palo Alto Creamery. They were supposed to have bananas but the server forgot them. I fixed spaghetti for dinner.

Saturday: (10/30) Lou and Dawn were off to a birthday party this morning. I visited the bank and cashed in a winning lotto ticket. Note the order, the lotto win paid for the ticket only. I also prepared a laminated instruction sheet for setting the jeep up to tow. It rained a bit overnight but is just overcast today. I took Dawn to a Halloween party in San Jose. I waited at the nearby Great Mall.

Bananas with yogurt for breakfast. An apple fritter and spaghetti for lunch. I had Chinese food for dinner at the mall food court.

Sunday: (10/31) I tinkered in the yard on the sprinklers. Lou worked on her dolls. The weather was nice and the yard is drying out.

Eggs, sausage and toast for breakfast. Dawn made artichoke soup for lunch. Fish, carrot and raisin salad and quinoa for dinner.

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