Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Quick Visit Home

: (12/09) Today we were off toward home for the day. We cruised over the mountains to Los Gates to start. We had a few hours to waste, so we looked around in the shops. It sure has changed since we started going there in the 70's. Not really for the better. Back then it was full of arts and crafts made there. We had lunch at Galley's cafe. We then headed home.

Scooterland in Los Gatos Scooterland Sign
I enjoyed looking around the Scooterland Store there. They have a couple of stores, one in San jose and the one here.

Inside Scooterland Store Los Gatos
The salesman (on right above) in the shop turned out to be the designer of most of the electric scooters in the shop. they have all types and I'll definitely have to come back to look them over more thoroughly later.
We met Ernie for dinner at Pizza'a Chicago then we headed off to Keppler's Book Store in Menlo Park. We all watched Dawn receive here award for the short story contest.

After the ceremony, we hightailed back over the mountains to our camp in Capitol.

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