Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Brighton State Beach

Tuesday: (12/07) We arrived at our new campground in Capitola, Ca.

Sunrise Mushrooms
Wednesday: (12/08) We started today getting up to see a nice colorful sunrise. They we continued down from our lofty perch above the cliff to the beach below. Along the trail there were lots of colorful "mushrooms".

New Brighton Beach Looking West New Brighton Beach Looking East
We hiked East on the beach past the Seacliff Pier then back through the neighborhoods and open space above the cliffs back to our camp, about 4-5 miles. the open space is an additional unimproved section of new Brighton SB that is seperated from the developed part by a group of homes. the two sections are of about equal size. Too bad for the poorly located homes. The neighborhood is private and the only way to get around it is on  a frontage road by the highway or the beach.

I went out to refill our drinking water and other than that we lounged at home today. It was fairly clear when we got up but it drizzled later in the morning and had a low overcast or fog the rest of the day turning into rain in the evening.

We had leftover Denver omelet with cheese and toasted artichoke bread for breakfast. Fondue with bread for lunch. Dinner was Lou's excellent chili beans.

We arrived at our new campground in Capitola, Ca.

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