Sunday, December 5, 2010

Half Moon Bay

Our Campsite At Half Moon Bay SB Our Campsite At Half Moon Bay SB
:  (12/05) It was clear when we woke up but the sky was fully clouded up by 8:30. The picture above is somewhere between.

Hundreds Of Snowy Plover Birds On The Beach Hundreds Of Snowy Plover Birds On The Beach
We enjoyed a nice walk on the beach this morning at Half Moon Bay. Even though the sun hadn't shined it's light onto the beach yet, there were surfers out trying to catch the nice waves. Just to the right and a few miles out is where the Mavericks Surf competition takes place. We walked North on the beach a ways then returned via the bike trail. We also saw a flock of snowy plover birds in the beach, hundreds of them on the open beach each in their own little divot. Lou fixed a Denver omelet for breakfast.

We went downtown and looked around at some shops. There is the outstanding Strawflower Electronics shop here. And, of course, there is the Half To Have It shop an interesting antique shop.   We had lour fish and chips lunch at the Flying Fish Grill. It started to rain heavily mid afternoon so we drove up the coast to Pillar Point to look around. We're in for more weather like this for a while.

We returned to an almost empty campground. All the weekenders were gone. Lou fixed chili beans for dinner with pan toasted bread.

Thanks to the new phone, the blog photos get posted almost immediately.

Monday: (12/06) Pancakes and sausage for breakfast. For our outing today we visited a thrift store in El Granada North of HMB. We also visited all the nurseries nearby on highway 92.

The Garden Deli In Half Moon Bay The Garden Deli In Half Moon Bay
We had sandwiches for lunch downtown HMB. They make their own breads at the Garden Deli. Lou and Dawn shared a pastrami sandwich on walnut olive bread with sweet potato soup. I had an avocado and cheese sandwich on the walnut olive bread. Great sandwiches.

Tuesday: (12/07) I fixed French toast for breakfast.

A High School Surfing Class
We took a look at the beach after breakfast, We saw a large number of young surfers. Turns out that are a high school surfing class. Not like my high school PE classes.

World Tour Electric Car World Tour Electric Car
Last night this camper stopped at the campground. When I took a late night walk around the campground about 11:00pm as I got close to their camp I heard a generator running, three hours after curfew. We couldn't hear it at our camp, nor could anyone else most likely. They had placed a big Honda generator behind the restroom on the ocean side. It made a nice sound suppressor. They needed the generator because they are traveling in an electric car. They are traveling around the world an have completed most of the trip having already crossed Europe and Asia starting in Denmark. In that little car, in addition to a 3500 watt generator are three adults and a baby and their camp gear.A map of their route is on the cars hood. Quite an adventure.

Half Moon Bay Beach Beach Trail
Our morning walk continued South along the path I walked yesterday afternoon. A nice trail.

We broke camp and headed South toward Santa Cruz.

Fixer Upper
We stopped along the way for lunch in Pescadero. We bought a loaf or cheesy cheddar artichoke bread and some olive loaf at Archangel Market. They also make great breads. We enjoyed both of those with some smoked gouda cheese. Our next stop was a walk around the village of Davenport. Not much there but about three restaurants, an antique store and a small market. There is also a nice building for sale there. It's a fixer upper though.

We finally made it to our new campsite at the New Brighton SP in Capitola just South of Santa Cruz. The campground sites on the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean. it was dark before we arrived. We had leftovers for dinner.

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