Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pismo Beach, One Of Our Favorite Camps

Tuesday: (12/14) Leftovers for breakfast. It was raining this morning so we broke camp quickly. If it had been sunny, we would have stayed one more day. We were on our way by 9am. We headed South on Highway 1 to Highway 183 into Salinas. We stopped in Salinas at the mall for a walk. We stopped at the rest area near Bradley for lunch. More leftovers and some wieners. We stopped in Paso Robles to visit the thrift store, or at least Dawn and Lou did. I walked around the village while they shopped. We made it to Pismo Beach about 4:30 and found a nice spot near the beach. I took care of the dumping and filling which I didn't do before we left New Brighten because of the rain. It was dark as I parked the RV in the camp site. We went to Francisco's Country Kitchen for dinner. I had the chicken fried steak, Lou had liver and onions and Dawn fettuccine Alfredo.

Wednesday: (12/15) We got up with the sun and took a walk on the beach. I fixed eggs Benedict without the sauce for breakfast. Pan toasted bread with cheese, ham and fried eggs on top. I tinkered with Dawn's phone and laptop trying to get them tethered so she could work today but they wouldn't connect. Her laptop would connect using my phone so we traded for the day. Lou and I did the laundry and some grocery shopping. We stopped for lunch at the Girl's Cafe on Grand Avenue in Grover Beach. Lou had a ham steak and I had a chili verde special. As the sun set, or at least we assume it was since it was time but cloudy, we took another walk along the beach. The sun never came out today. It was overcast all day but no rain. Somehow our solar did its job today and gave us a good charge even with the overcast.

Thursday: (12/16) We started the day with a beach walk.

Our Jeep On Oceana Beach
In the afternoon we took the jeep out onto the beach for a drive. It does well on the sand. After dinner we went to the Farmer's Market in downtown San Luis Obispo.

Oatmeal with yogurt and honey for breakfast. Baked beans for lunch. Tortellini for dinner.

Friday: (12/17) We went to breakfast at the Country Kitchen restaurant. Lou and Dawn shared a bowl of oatmeal while I had their corned beef hash and eggs. After breakfast Lou and Dawn took off to visit all the thrift shops nearby. There are quite a few. I walked back to camp from the restaurant in Arroyo Grande. Along the way I located four geocashes and browsed many stores as well. I finally made it home about 5pm. I nibbled along the way on a donut, a piece of chicken and an ice cream cone. Lou and Dawn stopped by a fish and chips place. They returned from their bargain search about 6pm as it was starting to rain. Dinner was leftover tortellini.

Saturday: (12/18) It rained heavily all night. The little drain ditch between us and the beach was filled with a little water and 3-4 feet wide. Breakfast was leftovers. I had pancakes, Lou and Dawn oatmeal. Then they were off to complete their visits to the thrift stores in San Luis Obispo I stayed in camp and tinkered with the computer all morning watching the water rise.

Ducks floating around our campsite Our flooding camp at North Pismo Beach Campground
It was still raining heavy and our little ditch was now 30 feet wide lapping at the feet of our table. Earlier a flock of ducks floated around in the new pond.

Our flooding camp at North Pismo Beach Campground Our flooding camp at North Pismo Beach Campground
I checked the stream across from us and it was full and spilling out. It was up to the base of a little bridge that goes over to the butterfly grove.

Stream From North Pismo Beach Campground Flowing To Ocean
I walked out to the beach and the tide was up and now our stream had created a lagoon and had burst through to start draining.

When Lou returned she was interested in leaving so we moved down to Oceana campground where we had to move during last year's storm. Northbeach campground was not closed yet but when we left, there was only one camper left. The water was 6 inches deep on the road leaving the park. Lunch was leftover lima beans chased by apple pie. Dawn was busy at Nan's recycled book shop and traded some in as well as getting some.

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