Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Kitten In Bakersfield

Saturday: (04/23) We had the last of the choriso potatoes and eggs for breakfast then left Las Vegas about 07:30. We wanted to get across the desert before the winds pick up in the afternoon. We made a beeline to Baker and stopped for a short walk then on to Tehachapi where we stopped for another walk around downtown and a snack.

Highway 58 West of Tehachapi
We picked up an apple cinnamon roll and a chocolate walnut bar at the Apple Shed. The winds had been picking up prior to Mojave but all was nice from Tehachapi on.

Helen's Campsite
We arrived at my Aunt Helen's place and set the motorhome up for our stay.

Thrift Store Kitten In Bakersfield Thrift Store Kitten In Bakersfield
While Helen and I Chatted, Lou headed out for a visit to a thrift store. Bad mistake.

Thrift Store Kitten In Bakersfield Thrift Store Kitten In Bakersfield
Someone had abandoned a kitten at the store and Lou decided to rescue it. It is cute, but it is a pet. Hopefully she can find a good home for it when we get home. For dinner we cleaned up most of the remaining leftovers, macaroni and cheese. chicken, spinach, and zucchini with choriso.

(04/24) Lou fixed potato pancakes with yogurt and apple sauce with sausage for breakfast. We made a run to the local Winco market to stock up on a few things for home. Winco has some great prices and we don't have on near home. Lou fixed Chinese tofu, peanut, and cabbage salad for lunch.

Helen's Garage Cleanup 1250.jpg
After lunch we all attacked the garage. It needs some cleaning up. Helen doesn't need all the spare parts and a lot of the shop tools anymore. Uncle Doug had many interests and his tool and junk collection showed it. For dinner Helen BBQed some steaks and Lou fried some potato wedges and steamed some veggies. The weather was very nice all day, overcast much of the day and a nice low 70's.

(04/26) Strawberry pancakes for breakfast. We all spent the day working in Helen's garage and got it pretty well cleaned up and stuff ready for a garage sale in the future. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Helen took us out to dinner at the China Town Buffet nearby.
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