Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pismo Beach

Tuesday: (04/26) My birthday today! I'm about to enter my seventh year of retirement. Doesn't seem like it's been that long. I fixed spaghetti for breakfast. It was supposed to be fixed last night but I was too tired. Had to be cooked. Spaghetti is good anytime. This version used some of the fresh choriso mixed 50/50 with hamburger. Quite good. We were finally ready and left about 11:30. We headed out Highway 58 to McKitrick then Highway 33 through Dusty Acres, Fellows, Taft, and Maricopa. Then West on Highway 166. We stopped for lunch about 30mile before Santa Maria along the river. Lou fixed ham sandwiches. We didn't get much further before we were stopped by a construction project for about 30 minutes.

North CG, Pismo Beach, Ca
We arrived at our new home. Pismo Beach North Campground about 4:30. Nice clear skies today. Of course, we went to Pismo Fish And Chips for dinner. Great clam chowder, great coleslaw and outstanding fish.

Wednesday: (04/27) Our last day for this trip. Tomorrow we make the final link back home. We took a walk on the beach up to the pier and around downtown. I stayed at home this afternoon and played with Spunky, the new kitty. Lou made a thrift store run into Grover City. Today was a replay of yesterday, at least for breakfast and dinner.  Our breakfast was spaghetti and our lunch was at Pismo Fish and Chips. Dinner was so good we repeated it for today's lunch. Dinner was roast chicken and a green salad.

North CG, Pismo Beach, Ca North CG, Pismo Beach, Ca
Thursday: (04/28) Granola with yogurt for breakfast. We took a walk down the beach and back on the boardwalk across the dunes. Then we went across the street to the new RV dealer to look around. They had mostly Fleetwood and Airstream motorhomes and trailers. We did like the layout of the Storm class A, a nice floorplan in a 27 foot length  but the quality isn't there. We returned to camp and prepared to leave. We headed out at 11:30 stopping in San Luis Obispo for lunch at the China Garden Restaurant. We fought strong winds all the way home. We managed to come back into the bay area during rush hour arriving home about 5:30pm. Nice to be home. Ernie's dogs were glad to see us and everyone was pleased to meet Spunky the kitten.
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