Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our RV Has Returned Home

Wednesday: (01/11) Our warm weather continues.

I've been intending to update our visited states map and an article by Chris Gould of the GeeksOnTour folks this morning reminded me again. So I took a moment and prepared the two images above. I'm not really satisfied with the images because I'd like one integrated image. Alaska isn't rally an island off the coast of Mexico and there isn't an ocean between the US and Canada. I know this because I had a little geography instruction in high school and because that wasn't our experience on our recent travels. These images were generated by one of the automated generators where you just tick off the states and provinces. Unfortunately there isn't a generator that integrates just the US and Canada or just North America. Maybe someday I might cut and paste or draw a better image but for now this will have to do. Our pin map also does a good job of presenting where we've been.

Cereal for breakfast. Lou and I went to the Sunny Chinese Buffet in Sunnyvale for lunch on our way to San Jose. The RV was ready at Leale's RV Repair so Lou dropped me off. She dropped by a doll shop and picked up a few things then met Dawn. When I got the RV parked at home I started to move stuff back into it. One disadvantage of having the printer instaled on the engine cover is that it need to be removed for services. Leale's has a nice new location in an old cannery building that gives them way so much more room than at the prevous location. The RV was at their shop for over three weeks, more than one during which they were closed for the holidays. Since the RV was inside that long, the solar panels couldn't charge the batteries so they were down a couple of hundred amphours when I picked it up. Hopefully they didn't get below 300 amphours or they could have been damaged a little. I forgot to turn off the UPS inverter which would still be running when the battery disconnect switch disconnects the batteries. I never disconnect the batteries.It's happy now that it's plugged in.

Dinner was macaroni and cheese.

Thursday: (01/12) Cereal for breakfast. Today was another yard cleanup day. It was also a day to fix Ernie's leaking toilet. Chili sizes for lunch. Today was one of Lou's days off. She was enjoying working on her dolls and it also explains the menu of the day since I cooked.

Dawn baked some more bread. Open faced chicken sandwiches with baked potatoes for dinner.

Friday: (01/13) Friday and the thirteenth on the same day. I headed over to the RV show in Pleasanton this morning. On the way I stopped for breakfast at Denny's. I haven't been there for a while. I enjoyed their $4 all you can eat pancakes. I looked around the RV's at the show. The show is much smaller that years past and was mostly weekender travel trailers. Most aren't as nice as our current motorhome even though they're new. Lunch was a couple of egg rolls and a shrimp ball at King Egg Roll in Milpitas. Lou relaxed at home and made a shopping run. For dinner , Ernie made sauerkraut potatoes with pork ribs and hot dogs for dinner.

Some recent photos:
Saurkraught Potatoes With Hot Dogs
Saturday: (01/14) I fried up the leftover pork, sauerkraut and potatoes and added some fried eggs for breakfast. They may be better for breakfast than dinner. Lou had an appointment to have here hair cut today. She brought home some Mexican pastries for lunch. I worked in my study rearranging stuff and setting up everything that uses electricity to be powered by a convenient switch so everything that needs to be turned off can be and everything, like the modem and phone system stays on. Our kitchen sink faucet needs to be replaced so we spent some time this afternoon looking for the perfect faucet. We couldn't find what we want so the hunt continues. We ended up at the IKEA store so we had dinner there. Ernie met us for dinner. Their meat ball dinner is pretty good.

Sunday: (01/15) We've been busy preparing to leave for a little trip South. We have been home too long and things have wandered so it isn't just a matter of driving off. I worked on the rock screen some more. I've reinforced the bracket and repainted it. The original paint has disappeared. Evidently not very good paint. It's now better that original. I also spent time in my study cleaning out storage boxes and organizing. In the afternoon we went on a little shopping trip to get a new kitchen sink faucet. Not exactly what we want but better than a leaky one. We're finally getting some cooler daytime temperatures.

Caribbean French toast for breakfast with smoked pork chops. Chips and guacamole dip for lunch. Lou made beef enchiladas for dinner.

Kitchen Sink Faucet
(01/16) Leftover sauerkraut potatoes and sausage for breakfast. First order of business was the kitchen sink faucet. Since we haven't found the perfet faucet yet Lou and i took a quick trip to Barron Park plumbing and Los Altos hardware. We found nothing like we want so the one we bought at OSH will have to do. It went in easily and doesn't look too bad. Grilled olive loaf red pepper and horseradish cheese panini for lunch. I spent the afternoon working on the used motosat dish I got last winter. Since the one on the motorhome is sick I thought I'd see if the used one actually worked. it does. It acquired the satellite but i didn't get it to connect with the satellite but that appears to be a little cabling configuration problem. Not to be unexpected since it's sitting on a cart in the back yard. I had to give up on it when the sun went down since it was freezing outside.   Lou's been busy getting redy to go. Dawn made mushroom, chicken potato and onion soup for dinner served with artichoke bread.

Tuesday: (01/17) Latkas and ham with applesauce for breakfast. I spent the morning getting my spare F1 Motosat dish working. When I was satisfied it was good enough I started to swap out the one on the RV for the spare. Nice to have a spare. A dish weighs about 90 pounds so getting them on and off the roof isn't a simple task. I used my long extension ladder as a ramp to slide the old one down and the new one up. I was on the roof and Ernie assisted on the ground. The swap went well but the transmitter on the spare didn't work. I swapped out the arms with included the LNBs and transmitters. Everything now looks like it's working except that it never completes the link. Even so, it looks like it may eventually actually work. Olive loaf with horseradish cheese quesadillas for lunch. Fried potatoes with pigs in a blanket and Bok choy for dinner. Lou was busy packing today.

Wednesday: (01/18) Leftover latkas and ham with applesauce for breakfast. I spent the morning in the shop putting things away waiting for the frost to melt off the RV roof. When it did, I climbed up and put some covers back on the dish. Much of the rest of the day was cleaning out compartments and organizing. I had a couple of homemade cinnamon rolls for lunch. Dinner was leftover soup.

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