Sunday, May 26, 2013

Carnival SF 2013

Sunday: (05/26) I was off early driving up to San Bruno to catch a ride on BART into San Francisco to watch the Carnival Parade. Breakfast was a couple of donuts.

San Francisco Mission Carnaval San Francisco Mission Carnaval
They had some problems this year and the parade was almost canceled. The people who have been putting it on for the past few years went bankrupt and with only a very short notice the old regime organized the parade.

San Francisco Mission Carnaval San Francisco Mission Carnival
While the festival was much smaller the parade was still three hours long. It's good that they saved it.

San Francisco Mission Carnaval San Francisco Carnival
After the parade I had a carnitas lunch at one of the restaurants in the Mission District where the parade was.  Lots of nice color at the parade.

After returning home I worked on some house cleaning and organizing in my office and completed going through all the junk mail that we received while we were gone. Lou and Dawn were busy with other cleaning. For dinner Lou and I shared our usual chow fun dinner and Dawn had some Pad Thai.

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