Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yard Duty

Tuesday: (05/28) Gardening today. I located a replacement mirror for the RV but since it isn't specifically for my year RV I'm trying to get some more specifics about it. Leftovers on the menu today.

Wilton Salamander Wilton Arbor
Wednesday: (05/29) Gardening. In the shuffle of planters we found the salamander above. The arbor as it appear on our arrival. The plants havent been brought out yet and the lawn is looking brown..

Wilton Garden With New Bark
Thursday: (05/30) We went to Home Depot to find some plants and get some bark for the garden. Lou placed some weed block down the other day. We covered it with some recycled tire rubber mulch (bark). Hopefully no weeds nor mud in the garden this year nor for years to come.

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