Friday, June 14, 2013

Arastradero Preserve Hike

Friday: (06/14) Lou and Dawn accompanied me out to the Arastradero Preserve where I met my fellow San Jose Mid Week Hikers and led them on our Friday hike.

Arastradero Preserve Pond Arastradero Preserve Hike
 It was a short 4.3 mile hike today. It was a bit warm but a nice hike all the same. Lou and Dawn only took a short walk out to the pond (above left) they then left while we hiked. The hake is a mix of open grassy and wooded areas.

Arastradero Preserve Hikers Arastradero Preserve Hike
Tje big oak tree above left was put to good use near the top of our climb. Lou returned to pick me up after the hike. I had a late afternoon appointment to have a couple of new tires put on the Jeep, have the wheels aligned and get an oil change. While that was happening I browsed around the nearby stores. For breakfast I prepared ham and eggs with potatoes. Chicken pot pie for lunch. Pepper steak sandwiches for dinner.

Arastradero Preserve

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