Sunday, June 2, 2013

Setting Up My Nest

Wilton Garden Rubber Bark In Garden
Saturday: (06/01) A little garden tinkering. We got the tomatoes and peppers into the ground. Then we visited the hardware stores looking for some faucet mount sprinkler controllers. The garden and berries needed their own controls. Nobody had what I wanted so I collected materials to make what I needed. Of course I didn't get everything I needed so tomorrow I'm off again. I had a ham and cheese English muffin for breakfast. Lou and Dawn had pear ginger smoothies. For lunch/dinner we stopped at Sweet Tomatoes for soup and salad.

California Avenue Farmers Market California Avenue Farmers Market
Sunday: (06/02) We walked up to the Farmers Market on California Avenue this morning. Lou took her electric wheelchair with it's new batteries. It made it all the way and back without the battery going dead.

California Avenue Farmers Market
Another nice musical group for entertainment at the market.

A little tinkering in the garden and a lot of relaxing today. Ollaberry waffles and bacon for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Enchiladas for dinner.

Monday: (06/03) We worked in the yard most of the day. Cleaning up leaves, moving plants, trimming plants and drip system repair and modifications. Sauerkrauted home fried potatoes with sausage and eggs for breakfast. PBJ sandwich for lunch. Pork, sauerkraut and potatoes from the slow cooker for dinner.

San Jose Porch Mess San Jose Window Rot
Tuesday: (06/04) I met our tenant in San Jose in the morning to check on a leak under the sink. Looks like I need to, at lease remove it and replace the tailstock and gaskets and worst case have to be replaced. My left hand didn't feel well today so I deferred the task until later. They also had a couple of other tasks. Replace the toilet seat, repair rotted window frame and get rid of some ants. I wasted the rest of the day browsing at Lowe's and Home Depot looking at windows, and paint. The painting of the house was the planned task for this summer. I managed to procrastinate and not accomplish any of the tasks on the list today. Breakfast at La Victoria Taqueria, a bacon breakfast burrito with their famous orange sauce. Chow mein with five flavor chicken from the China Wok restaurant in Sunnyvale for lunch. Dawn's potato lemon grass soup for dinner.

Wednesday: (06/05) My accomplishment today was cleaning up Dawn's apartment to make it habitable for me while I work there this summer. Breakfast at La Victoria Taqueria again. Another bacon breakfast burrito. An avocado smoothie and some egg rolls for lunch. Dawn's potato lemon grass soup for dinner.

Thursday: (06/06) Ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches. I drove down to San Jose and met the tenant. I installed a new toilet seat, removed a rotted window sash to be rebuilt, and installed a new garbage disposer. It was a bit of fun getting the old one out but the new one went in easily. With the days mission complete I headed toward home stopping in Santa Clara at the Hometown Buffet for lunch. Dawn made some Ox tail stew for dinner.

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