Saturday, July 13, 2013

Watching The Grass Grow

Saturday: (07/13) A nice relaxing day. Brother Ernie's birthday. A little tinkering in the shop.  Lou is cat sitting for spunky, Courtney's cat. Granola for breakfast. Lunch with Ernie at the Country Gourmet in Sunnyvale. Chinese stir fry noodles for dinner.

Sunday: (07/14) My focus today was to remake the window sash for the San Jose house. I've been procrastinating long enough. I replaced both side pieces and the bottom piece which involved hand cutting several mortises and also adding tenons. I also added a matching routed edging. It now only requires some routing for the window weight ropes and  final sizing, and replacing some glass and re-glazing and will finally be ready to reinstall. These unfamiliar tasks often are much more difficult in my mind that in actually accomplishing. Lou and Dawn had some garage sales to attend to today. Grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast. Tuna and cheese sandwich for lunch. Asparagus, rice and roast chicken for dinner.

New caulk
(07/15) I planned on a little work in the shop today but never got to it. Instead I was busy all day cleaning up the shower, removing caulk and re-caulking it. It took so long because I disassembled the shower doors and cleaned up all the moldy caulk from on and under everywhere. For bad caulk it sure was hard to remove. Fun job but the shower tomorrow should be nice with no mold as company. I had hoped to receive my new HEPA vacuum for the paint removal but it wont arrive until Thursday so I have more time to re-glaze the window and prime the siding for San Jose tomorrow. Hotdog eggs and cheese breakfast sandwich. Chili size for lunch and KFC chicken and corn for dinner.

Showing rope weight slots
(07/16) I started the morning by getting out the router and adding the window weight grooves to the sides of the window. I also stripped the remainder of the paint and did some sanding. Lou made omelets for breakfast. Cottage cheese and fruit with toast for lunch. Leftovers with some fish for dinner.

Rebuilt sash
(07/17) Not much accomplished today. I did install the glass in the rebuilt window sash. I also received my new HEPA vacuum so I'll have to get to work on the paint job again. Baked potatoes and gravy for breakfast. A visit to the LUU Nooodle restaurant for lunch. Stuffed fresh bell peppers from our garden served with baked potatoes, grilled squash, zucchini and tomatoes for dinner.

Thursday: (07/18) After breakfast, my first task was to take the RV out to fill the LPG tank. It also needed fuel. Normally I try to return with both close to full but both were near empty. In earthquake country it's best to have a nice well supplied RV in the ready. Next task was a bunch of deliveries. I returned excess materials to a couple of hardware stores. I then stopped by the house in San Jose and delivered materials for the project there. My final task was a visit to the dentist. Lou was busy doing some research on the computer, unusual for her. I fixed corned beef has and eggs for breakfast. Lou had cooked the corned beef brisket last night. For lunch I stopped by the Hometown Buffet. Lou made meat balls served over spinach topped with a stewed tomato sauce for dinner.

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