Saturday, January 4, 2014

And It Begins

Saturday: (01/04) This morning we did our weekly grocery shopping. After that we had breakfast at the Good Morning Restaurant with Ernie. I had a burrito, Lou and dawn had an omelet, Ernie had a waffle. With those tasks accomplished we went up to Redwood City. Lou and Dawn did some thrifting while I visited Redwood Supply, a outdoor supply store. We also visited Best Buy as well as the Grocery Outlet there before returning home. Leftovers and snacks for lunch. Lou made some excellent chicken enchiladas for dinner.

Sunday: (01/05) We decided on an adventure today. We drove over to Tracy to visit the Winco Market and Bass Pro Shop there. We picked up a few things at the market, nothing really special. In fact, I was rather disappointed with the bulk food selection there. I remembered as being better. It is still the best in the area that I’ve visited so far but not as good as I’d like. I’d like some more things to make trail foods from. it looks like I’ll need to order some things via the Internet. I picked up a nice rain/wind breaker jacket at Bass pro. I’m collecting for the trail. We also visited a thrift store before heading home. I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. We stopped for a late lunch at the Golden Corral buffet. Nice that they have one there. Almost makes the drive worthwhile by itself. We just snacked for dinner.

Monday: (01/06) We started the day with leftover corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. I headed down to San Jose with the intent of doing some work after the holiday break. Only one work day for the past two weeks. I stopped on the way for groceries to restock the apartment. I spent the rest of the morning frying up sausage and bratwurst patties a stowing into the freezer. Of course I had one of the cheddar bratwurst patties for lunch. It was cold outside and I never got into the mood to get outside and do anything so I headed back toward home with a couple of stops on the way looking at microwaves to replace our recently deceased unit. Lou made baked french fries and roast chicken for dinner.

My Shop In San Jose San Jose Repairing Siding
Tuesday: (01/07) I drove back down to San Jose in the morning. First order of business was raking much of the backyard lawn. I hate loosing things in the leaves and even more important finding little presents from the dog. There weren’t too many leaves but I walked more confidently with them gone. I set up the table saw on the lawn.

SJ Nook Siding And Vents SJ Removed The Potato Plant Bush
Since I was into gardening I then removed the lemon tree by the side of the house next to the breakfast nook. It’s way too big and always growing into the eves. I left about 30 inches of one of the two trunks which may get another chance at life if I don’t remove it when I put in a drain pipe later. I also removed the potato bush in the front yard where the drain system sump will be going.

San Jose Rebuilding Back Vents SJ Nook Siding And Vents
After lunch I finally got to the wood work. I removed the two vent covers from the breakfast nook and recut them for refitting.

SJ Vents At Study SJ Vents At Study
I also reassembled the vent cover for the study and fitted it into the siding. Granola for breakfast. Baked potato with chicken for lunch. Sausage and dirty rice for dinner.

Wednesday: (01/08) I was busy stripping paint by the breakfast nook today. I also removed the bad sections of siding that need replacement.  My final task was to remove the orange tree stump that was cut down several years ago. This was no easy task but was made a bit easier with the use of my jack hammer. Peanut butter granola for breakfast. Baked potato and sausage for lunch. Chilli relleno dinner at La Victoria.

SJ Nook Vent
Thursday: (01/09) The power went out at 0730. It was drizzling. I decided to go out to breakfast and do some shopping. I needed some 8″ bevel siding and a microwave. Neither really worked out right away. It was too Early. I ended up at Fry’s Electronics in North San Jose and found a nice Microwave. When I came outside, the sky was clear. Too bad, Now I’ll need to get to work. I stopped by Southern Lumber and got my siding then went bad to the house. Still no breakfast so I had lunch at 11am, rice and sausage. I installed the needed siding and rebuilt one of the vent covers. I need some more materials to rebuild the other one next week. I returned to Palo Alto and enjoyed Lou’s Shepherd’s Pie for dinner.

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