Saturday, January 18, 2014

Spring In January

Saturday: (01/18) I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Lunch at LUU Noodle House for our usual chow fun noodles, pad Thai and egg rolls. I did some work in the greenhouse re-potting some plants. I added some drain rock at the bottom of the planters. They hadn’t been draining properly. For dinner Dawn made Lentil soup.

When it was time to hit the sack, I actually did. One of the tests to determine if I’ll be doing the Pacific Crest Trail hike was to try sleeping on the ground. I haven’t don that in more than 10 years since we got the motorhome. Further, even then it was on really nice air mattresses. Not too much different tonight. I inflated my new ThermaRest Neo Lite mattress after laying down a ground cloth in the rear of the back yard on the lawn. Earlier today I pulled out my 35 year old down sleeping back and tossed it around in the drier to freshen it. It’s far to big and heavy for the PCT hike but good enough for the sleeping test. I tucked myself in and fairly quickly remembered that we have lawn sprinklers. I got up and made sure they were off for the night. No need to be awakened at 2am. I wonder if I can do the same on the trail? Nice sleep except for the full moon that I couldn’t turn off. Test one complete.

Sunday: (01/19) We had leftover corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. We all took a trip down to the Farmers market on California Avenue.  I had leftover pepper steak for lunch, Lou and Dawn had leftover lentil soup. The weather was so nice that we had root beer floats for an afternoon snack. In the evening I drove down to San Jose. For dinner I had a chicken pot pie.

Monday: (01/20) Granola for breakfast. I finished replacing the siding around one of the vents on the middle bedroom. I then completed preparing the openings for the rebuilt covers. I also stripped apart the old covers and ripped the boards to the narrower width for the new covers. The new covers are inset while the old ones were just tacked on the outside of the siding. Ham and cheese sandwich with yogurt for lunch. BBQ ribs and a baked potato with a citrus salad for dinner.

Tuesday: (01/21) Breakfast burrito from La Victoria which i ate while watching a building under construction on the San Jose State campus. I finally got to work about 11am. I assembled the vent covers for the two vents by the middle bedroom. After lunch of a ham and cheese sandwich I started work on the vents to my bedroom. There are four and I completed one. The vents on my bedroom are different than most of the vents on the house because the floor joists change directions and because the method of construction differs. As I was hurrying to complete my last vent cover as it was getting dark, the tenant came and said her dryer was venting steam inside the house. They recently replaced their washer dryer with a over under set. When the man of the house did the change, the vent pipe was torn up and was now not connected. I pieced it together and hooked it up. Good enough. I hurried back to finish my task and clean up as it was getting dark. For dinner I warmed a pork chop and some jambalaya rice followed by some honey yogurt.

Wilton Siding And Vent Repairs Wilton Siding And Vent Repairs
Wednesday: (01/22) I walked over to Jack In The Box for a loaded breakfast sandwich which I at watching the construction at San Jose State.  I got to work about 10AM and did some more work on the vents on my bedrooms crawl space.

Wilton Siding And Vent Repairs Wilton Siding And Vent Repairs
My bedroom was an addition to the house so is constructed a little differently. I finished rebuilding one of the vents and made and installed its cover and prepared the materials for the other two.

Wilton Siding And Vent Repairs Wilton Siding And Vent Repairs
I also worked quite a while chipping the foundation so a piece of siding that I had to replace due to it being split in many places, would not split again once replaced, which I also completed.

Wilton Siding And Vent Repairs Wilton Siding And Vent Repairs
The remaining cover (on the right) is much larger and is the access opening for the addition. I’ll get that tomorrow. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. BBQ ribs and a baked potato for dinner.

Thursday: (01/23) I started out for my morning walk to breakfast and had to dodge a bunch of stuff from the tenants laundry room. There was a big truck out front delivering something that looked like a set of new washer and dryer. So why did the tenant have me fix the vent on the dryer yesterday? And why are they replacing what I thought were a new washer and dryer set?  I continued for my walk going downtown to Carl’s Jr where I got a loaded omelet sandwich. I brought my saws outside and got all set up to start work and discovered I had lost my countersink bit which I need to rebuild and install the remaining vent covers. I headed over to Home Depot and got a new bit and then rebuilt and installed  the remaining small cover.I then rebuilt the large vent opening in preparation for the rebuilt cover. A late lunch at 2PM of a sausage patty and some honey yogurt. As I was about ready to start assembling the final cover, the tenant came out and said there was water leaking under the sink. I think she wants to keep me busy. I completed the final cover but didn’t have all the screws I needed to attach the wire fabric. I stopped and looked at the sink. I found the small puddle of water but it looked like it hadn’t been there long, now damage. I didn’t find anything supply or drain leaks. I placed a bunch of blue paper towels on the bottom and told them to call me if it leaked. Pretty soon, I was told there was water on the towels. The source was one of the unused holes  under the sink faucet. All the water lines are collected into using only one of the three openings. Another is used for a soap dispenser and the final one is just covered up by a base plate. Evidently the caulk failed so I added some more. Hopefully that stops the leak. If not I’ll have to remove and reinstall the whole faucet. With that accomplished, I headed off to the hardware tore again to get some screws and washers for the vent cover. I added them to the cover which completed the last of the cover reconstruction and the cleaned up my stuff. I also cleaned up myself and then Dawn dropped by and we went to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes Salad Buffet on our way back home.

I had 32 people signed up for my hike tomorrow. About 8 are first timers so my actual total hikers will be less. This hike isn’t really extraordinary so it must be my description of the hike.

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