Monday, January 13, 2014

More Smog

Saturday: (01/11) Grocery shopping in the morning. In the afternoon we all went to Valco shopping center for Lou to take a walk. I followed in the scooter. She was checking her range and walked the length of the mall.

Sunday: (01/12) Breakfast at the Country Inn in Cupertino. We drove separately so Lo and Dawn were off to an estate sale while I did some shopping. I stopped at Home Depot to get some PEX tubing and fittings to replace a water line. I also stopped by Harbor Freight to get a couple of heat guns that on sale. I’ll need them before the paint job is finished. I then stopped by at REI and got some new hiking boots to replace my worn out boots. When I got home I re-potted a plant Lou got at the sale. I also installed the water line. Dawn made macaroni and cheese for dinner.

Monday: (01/13) Started the day with a run to get the Jeep smog test completed. s usual I put it off as long as i could and it;s due in 5 days. My usual place can’t do the tyo of smog test required (Star) so they referred me to a nearby test site. They completed the test in about 30 minutes while I got breakfast at a nearby doughnut shop. I also stopped by a sewing machine shop where Lou had ordered a replacement foot pedal for her sewing machine. Then it was time to take the new microwave back to Fry’s Electronics. It had failed already. No problem replacing it. The first new machine would only run about 5 minutes before tripping it’s internal circuit breaker. The new new microwave did the same after 15 minutes. I guess we’ll try to live with that if it doesn’t get worse. The power to the outlet is perfect in wiring and voltage before and during the running of the microwave so I am perplexed by the fact that we have had three microwaves fail in the past two weeks? The original failed after many years of service then our spare failed after a couple of days, same for the new replacement. I think the room is jinxed. Lou prepared creamed spinach, which I had been wanting along with leftover macaroni and cheese and a sausage for lunch. With the microwave replaced and the car loaded I headed down to San Jose. I got there a little after dark. For dinner I prepared a pork chop and some dirty rice.

Wilton Nook Vent Wilton Nook Vent
Tuesday: (01/14) Granola for breakfast. While I should have been able to get a good start at work on the house today, I didn’t. I needed to fill out a bunch of paperwork for medicare and my former employers health plan, which took all morning the way I go. I then walked to forms to the Post Office to mail and while out, stopped at Carl’s Jr for lunch, a guacamole burger. I then took advantage of being down town to look a a new tall building under construction. San Jose has never quite gotten downtown going and is still struggling to try to. On the walk back to the house through San Jose State University I stopped for a look at a Japanese store that i hadn’t seen before They had some interesting items. I finally made it back to the house about 2pm. Not likely too much work will be accomplished today. Tomorrow doesn’t look much better since I have a meeting is South San Francisco tomorrow. Spaghetti squash and salad for dinner.

Wednesday: (01/15) I caught the 0731 train to South San Francisco. That got me there about an hour early for my meeting. I took a walk around the area and stopped at Subway for breakfast. I then walked the mile over to the City Corp Yard for the TSA meeting. Interesting talk on connecting anything. This vendors current push is smart network connected street lights. After the meeting I decided not to return North to the South SF train station and instead walked South to Burlingame about 5-6 miles and had lunch at Neal’s restaurant, corned beef hash and pancakes. The train only runs hourly and I missed the 1331 train by about 15 minutes so I caught the bus toward home. Had to change from Samtrans to VTA buses at the Palo Alto transfer station and made it home about he same time I would have had I taken the later train, 1330. Lou was out for a walk looking for a new microwave at our nearby Fry;s Electronics. The replacement replacement had failed. When she got home, we drove over with the failed unit and got the new one, this time a different maker and model. Odd to have had four microwaves fail in one week? On the way to Fry’s we passed a bunch of police and fire personnel working on a house fire. The new microwave seems to work correctly. Pastrami or liver and onions with baked potatoes for dinner. Lou and Dawn both got their flu shots today. I have abstained from flu shots for the past 42 years but will get mine tomorrow as well.

Thursday: (01/16) I stopped by Kaiser in Mountain View and got my flue shot. Even though it’s been 42 years, it feels like I remember it. OK, now we all should survive the year. Since I was downtown, I stopped at the Hong Kong bakery for breakfast of a pork bun and an egg tart.

San Jose Rebuilding Vent Covers San Jose Repairing Siding
I arrived in San Jose by 0900 with some hope of a good work day. I completed the vent cover for the vent by the breakfast nook then went to the North side of the house to repair some damaged siding where one of the old drain connections was and started work on the vent adjacent to it.

San Jose Repairing Siding San Jose Repairing Siding
It doesn’t all that much different with the new  wood until it’s painted.

Lunch was a sausage with a baked potato and some yogurt. I returned to Palo Alto arriving about 1730. We went out to Joanie’s Restaurant for dinner. I had ravioli with scampi and Lou and Dawn shared an omelet.

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